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Brad Burnett

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Brad Burnett

Brad Burnett

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Director of Financial Aid

Brad oversees the offices that deal with students and money. The includes the Student Financial Center, Financial Aid Services, Scholarship Office, and the MoneyCoaches.

Brad received a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies from Pittsburg State University in 1987 and in 1989 a Master of Arts Degree in Communications/Public Relations from Pittsburg State University.

Brad has been associated with Financial Aid his entire career. He has worked in various capacities at Youngstown State, Kansas State, and Armstrong Atlantic State Universities. He stepped out of higher education twice and became a government contractor working on Department of Education projects that included moving financial aid application data to the Internet and the creation of FAFSA on the Web.

In 2001 he was hired as the Director of Financial Aid at the University of Oklahoma. In 2011 he was promoted to Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Student Financial Services. Brad created a course called “The Nine Things Every College Student Should Know About Money”. In 2015 the course was honored by NASFAA who awarded the “9 Things” their Gold Star for innovation in financial literacy.

My best advice for a high school junior or senior preparing to apply to college:

You’ve got to have a plan! In order to get somewhere in life you have to know where you are going. Otherwise you are just wandering around in the dark hoping that you bump into something good and worthwhile.

A plan complete with goals and a timeline is the roadmap that will get you to where you are wanting to go. Remember, you can’t finish if you don’t start…