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Kellie Dyer

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Kellie Dyer

Kellie Dyer


The Office of the Registrar oversees enrollment services, academic records, diploma production, course/classroom scheduling, athletic certification, study abroad, degree audit/academic publications, and veteran student services. Their mission is to collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to provide comprehensive enrollment management and academic records services with the utmost integrity and accuracy, while keeping records confidential and secure. They strive to collaborate and communicate with advisors, faculty, and staff to support students in their forward movement in obtaining their degrees.

Kellie is from Lawton, Oklahoma, and has earned a Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Management from Cameron University.

Kellie began her professional career at OU in 1991, and she has had the pleasure of serving students, faculty, and staff spanning across all aspects of admissions, international admissions, residency classification, academic credit conversion with study abroad programs, and interpretation of Oklahoma State Regent Policy.

My best advice for a high school junior or senior preparing to apply to college:

Once you’ve made your decision on which university to attend, set your priorities and create a plan. If you didn’t have an opportunity to fully research your school, take the time and do it. Learn what it has to offer and how you can take advantage of activities that interest you. Even when you’re not sure if something will be of interest, give it a chance. It will allow you to create a sense of community and home. Remember to always put your academics first. Don’t procrastinate and ask questions, even when you’re not sure what those questions are. Staff and faculty are here to help you succeed and as a mother of two sons, I’ve tried my best to teach them independence and emphasized when you make mistakes (and you surely will), learn from them and keep moving forward. That’s when we all gain our best experience. Last piece of advice, if you have a chance to study abroad, do it!! It will allow you to truly experience a completely different culture, and if you need to nail down a second language, it’s the perfect opportunity. There’s no better time to live and learn abroad than when you’re in college!