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Sooner Launch Pad

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Sooner Launch Pad

$10,000 to launch your new venture. SLP provides a multidisciplinary environment for OU students, alumni and the Oklahoma community to propel business ideas into new ventures. The Sooner Launch Pad Business Accelerator starts with small teams of aspiring student entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business. We provide support to teams including mentoring, training, meals and workspace for the eight week summer program. 

Unlike Sooner Innovation Fund, a grant to test nascent ideas, Sooner Launch Pad is an investment in an early-stage startup. In exchange for a 3% equity stake, teams are awarded $10,000 in seed funding to accelerate the launch of their entrepreneurial ventures.  SLP is fast paced. We go from Idea-to-Launch in 8 weeks. As such, we are recruiting student teams with developed ideas, proven commitment to their venture, and who can be present for the duration of the program. 

During the program, the director and staff serve as coaches to guide teams in their business development. Teams may also be assigned mentors who are: entrepreneurs, professors, technologists, subject matter experts, attorneys and accountants. At the end of the eight week program, we host a pitch day, where each team present their project to a group of founders, mentors and investors.