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Supportive Measures

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Supportive Measures

Supportive measures are free, individualized services designed to restore or preserve equal access to education, protect safety or deter sexual harassment. There does not need to be a formal complaint for an alleged victim to receive supportive measures. The parties involved in investigation of the Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy may request certain supportive measures from the Title IX Coordinator or their designee.  Supportive measures may also be offered to the person accused. Availability is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of supportive measures include: 

  • Assistance in filing a complaint with the University and appropriate law enforcement agencies
  • Mutual No Contact Orders
  • Change of class schedules and academic support
  • Alternate housing arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements and campus escorts
  • Counseling services
  • Blocking emails
  • Other measures, as discussed

OU Advocates is a 24/7 helpline (call/text/WhatsApp) and in-person support service for anyone in the OU community experiencing sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and/or sexual harassment. They are a free and confidential resource, located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union.


Phone:  405-615-0013 (Available 24/7)