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Our Partners

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Our Strategic Partners

We pride ourselves on building relationships of mutual gain and with an objective-oriented strategic focus. We also actively work to protect the preexisting communities in and outside of OU and find organic and collaborative ways of elevating the diverse interests of the gaming and esports communities. Take a look at the champions right in our backyard coupled with our partners that have kept our development growing, moving forward, and at a constant rate of expansion. We define partners by relationship building on a first name basis with direct coordination on efforts. If they are on this list it’s because we’ve worked with their administration first hand. Quality over quantity!

Our Recruitment Partners

eFuse is a social media platform best aligned with what you might find on LinkedIn. It's focus to provide a means to connect prospective students through execution, passion, and interest in all topics gaming and esports. eFuse also actively releases infromational articles and reviews on emerging trends and interviews. They highlight programs and are building a community that also puts on tournaments and leagues as well as collaborative leadership boards. 




GYO score leverages the power of software API to aggregate prospective student performance data in game while providing infrastructure for league and tournament play, program portals, and so much more. They also provide the same services for conventional athletics coordination elsewhere and showcase the power of intentionality when tech, culture, and purpose are melded together. 




Stay Plugged In is the result of the parental need to support their kids. The founder of is a father who was motivated to support his child by creating the hub of information, networking, and elevation of knowledge to other parents like themself. The end result is a recruitment and educational portal that emphasizes elevation of common knowledge, opportunities, and potential to parents and youth alike. also has a deep affinity for supporing their local scene in North Carolina and is further exploring expansion of this focus in other regions where the support structure is ready for further elevation. 




The Texas Scholastic Esports Federation was formed as a passion project from educators across the state of Texas who understood the value for students to take part in. TEXSEF represents teachers innovating solutions to meet their students where they are through execution.

Alongside the competitive leagues, they will offer resources for new clubs, professional development packages, live event planning (including regional & state championships), coaching guides and clinics, and more.


Our Local Partners

DC and Jenna are the co-owners of Commonspace Game Cafe, the leveled up version of Oklahoma’s first board game cafe! There’s over 4,000 square feet of gaming goodness, including a console area, an arcade set up, a pool table, and hundreds of board games and RPG books! They also have an in-house kitchen so they can make goodies such as pizzas, paninis, smoothies, boba teas, and more! Of course, with the current pandemic situation, masks are required for entry, and they make sure all tables and games are sanitized after use for the safety of everyone. Looking forward to seeing folks at the gaming tables! Commonspace also has a study area with whiteboard and easy cafe access for all those study needs!


Computer Connection is the one-stop shop for computer parts, repairs, and custom builds in the OKC metro area since 1998. Our passionate team loves to create innovative and challenging builds, and knows the ins and outs of what specifications are needed for a variety of games and gaming PCs. We are proud to bring expertise and creativity in building to the OKC gaming scene. This 2nd generation alumni owned business helps members of our community with all things computer needs related. 


Equinox Esports is Oklahoma's first and premier professioanl esports company and organization ever. Focusing on elevating the Oklahoma scene through all propspects in esports industry, there are big goals for this company as we all work to life the collective force fo this new industry in Oklahoma together. There is a lot to come in Oklahoma from the influence and goals of this company and we continuously explore collaboration and alignment moving forward. 


GetRECt is the premier League of Legends tournament operator in the Oklahoma region. Through their success, they have further expanded their reach and impact in our surrounding states. GetRECt was our very first strategic development partner starting the conversations for alignment and growth in Summer 2017. Aside from League of Legends, GR often hosts tournaments and fun programming to expand their offerings and continuously add value to the communities in the region.


HXC is a premier Fighting Game Community (FGC) focused tournament operate in the Oklahoma region. This 10+ year organization has put on the largest FGC focused tournament in Oklahoma called Super Bit Wars. Outside of tournament operations they are considered a community leader in the space and assist, collaborate, and bring to life events for 3rd parties and other flagship tournaments outside of Oklahoma.


The Police Athletic League came to life in New York City in 1914 with a two-fold intention: to create a safe place for kids to play and to better the relationship between police officers and youth.  The OKC PAL(501c3) program exists in support of that same mission.  We aim to drive change by providing positive opportunities for our youth and their future.  We are all about Cops Helping Kids Succeed! 

In 2020, OKC PAL launched their new esports programs which we have been involved on early and have already supported multiple events for youth in collaboration. OKC PAL is also connected in with Oklahoma City Public Schools. 


START is one of Oklahoma’s oldest and premier LAN centers and was founded in 2016. Their initiatives are now pushing past just being a place to hang out and chill in Eastern Oklahoma and evolving into intentional strategic development for the local K-12 and collegiate scene. Their facility is a modern gaming center with food and beverage and is a great place for socializing, developing your skills, or hosting events. Our alignment with START is in the context of strategically aligned initiatives for the elevation and advancement of infrastructure across Oklahoma.


Our Global & National Partners

In 2019, Nike US Sports Camps launched their first evolution from traditional sports camps to esports offerings. These are aimed at building well-rounded individuals in and outside of the game they are passionate about. The curriculum focuses on individual skill growth, team-based synergies, and healthy living standards to assist young 12+-year-old gamers grow their skillsets on their path to being better, collegiate incentivization, or pro sector affiliation.


As an expansion of Amazon’s Twitch dynasty, Twitch Student partners with student organizations to create a revenue opportunity that helps advocate, supports growth, and fosters creativity. Our original proposal to Twitch Student was to do a cooking show bringing video game food to life. We gained partnership status before we even went live for the first time. While the cooking show no longer exists leveraging Twitch is a cornerstone to our Production and Streaming Entertainment departments.


Uconnect Esports was born from years of experience being in the exact same place we are but at Texas A&M. Through the very early days of collegiate development, their Owner & CEO has helped ease one of the biggest challenges for student organizational leaders to find resources that incentivize participation and bring the cool factor to campus events. By streamlining the sponsorship workflow to a form with very clear requirements for deliverables, Uconnect empowers student organizations to gain a lot of momentum almost immediately at the event conception phase of planning.