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(Other) OU Fit & Rec Esports Intramurals

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OU Fitness & Recreation Esports Intramurals

In Spring 2020 OU Fitness & Rec added sports based titles to their comprehensive list of intramural activities for the Sooner population. This includes titles like Madden, NBA2K, Fifa, and more. Immediately upon notice, we linked up to help support and streamline the process and awareness to raise the collective energy across campus. 

Fit & Rec has a strong stance on sports title emphasis which does exclude plenty of the more popular "esports" titles like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Smash Brothers. However, Rocket League, has become the common ground that checks the boxes across both departments for constant collaboration and deeper support. At all costs, we want our campus unified in opportunities and supporting each other and we do just that. 

So the best way to decipher this relationship is they offer streamlined registration and execution of sports based games for intramural programming for students, staff, and faculty alike. We do the same for all other titles with the added scope of external programming, alumni inclusive events, and have extensions for production, streaming, national competition, and more. We love our OU Fit & Rec peers and are glad we work together to provide value back to our communities regardless of scope! 

Check out their page for the full scope of services and opportunities offered through Fitness & Recreation for esports and physical based wellness alike! They truly offer intentional programming aimed at providing health improving events, services, and community to uplift wellness across the board! 

Link to OU Fitness & Recreation

They are also present in the same community Discord we have and can be communicated with there also.