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The Media & News Program

The Media & News program are the storytellers of our development and housed on The students that comprise our Media & News team showcase who we are in articles, reviews, opinion pieces, debates, and event coverage. We flex our media-centric focus to gain access to events with press passes and first-hand experiences. We partner with developers and manufacturers to review hardware and software to give opinions. We talk about trends in the industry and showcase the values we have as students at OU in the diverse gaming industries.

This program has been functioning since April 2018 and has had a constant release of content ever since. It highlights the core journalistic practicum opportunities that are essential esports to bring a well-rounded entertainment package. This team is the constant standard for all of our media efforts and as workflows mature the production and streaming teams will become heavily coordinated to bring our own media production house and outlet fully online.

Examples of Work (

Here is a sampling of the work put in by students to create the media and content creation which serves as our own needs for advocacy. By empowering students to take ownership of these energies we develop our own amateur version of, Kotaku, Dotesports, etc. 

OU XP 1.0: OU Esports documentary

Produced by: Zachary Satz, John McDonald,

and Stingray Schuller

Official OU Esports Club Jersey Reveal Video

Produced by: Zachary Satz and Stingray Schuller

Dreamhack Dallas 2019 Event Montage

Produced by: Zachary Satz

Article link

Exclusive Equinox Esports OKC Facility Tour

Produced by: Stingray Schuller

Article link

2021-2022 Program Overview (Recruitment Video)



(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Our pillar primarily produces content to distribute to our social medias and website, This includes video productions, graphical design, and news articles. The Media & News Team work with every pillar in the department and club to coordinate what needs to be highlighted. Sooner Esports is similar to other games and esports journalism sites to give students an avenue to build skills in the industry while developing professional content to showcase their abilities. The site’s content ranges from internal and local coverage to nationwide gaming topics.

Media & News welcome applications from any current or incoming student with a passion for gaming, esports, and developing content. No prior Media & News experience is required -- just a willingness to learn, grow, and develop skills alongside fellow students. There are two roles to apply for: Media Producers and News Writers. Media Producers develop video content and other graphics for us in the organization, whereas News Writers produce articles for the site or scripts for media development. 

  • Any current student of OU of any status
  • Good standing with the university
  • Must be a member of OU Gaming Club
  • 2.5+ GPA


  • Being a member of this team is NOT dependent on you being awarded a scholarship
  • Any current FULL-TIME student of OU at any status
  • Stackable with other scholarships & programs
  • Previous writing or media experience recommended but not required. 
  • Maximum amount for 2022-2023 school year: $1.25K+/yr

Application on Discord ONLY! Apply Here!  See All Scholarship Opportunities

Solidus Media & News Student Leadership & Advisors

Silas "Si" Bales

Media & News Coordinator

Journalism, '24

Stingray Schuller

Alumni Advisor

Creative Media Production, '20

Current Media & News Staff

Quaide Parker

Media Team Lead

Creative Media Production, '24

Cooper "kappy6554" Marshall

News Team Lead

Creative Media Production, '24

Sydney "Athledana" Sleeper

Graphic Designer

Visual Communications, '23

Genevieve "thenexgen" Backes

Sooner Esports Writer 

Professional Writing, '23

Matthew "mattattack" Hurt

Sooner Esports Writer 

Journalism, '24

Natalie "Rae" Machado

Sooner Esports Writer 

Meteorology, '25

Michela "HowdyMick" Thompson

Sooner Esports Writer

Public Relations, '22

Maeve Benson

Sooner Esports Media 

Creative Media Production, '24

Cade "Chade" Hastings

Sooner Esports Media 

Musical Technology, '25

Elise "Elisu" Siler

Sooner Esports Media 

Art, Technology, & Culture, '24

Logan "Slushy" Taylor

Sooner Esports Media 

Creative Media Production, '24

Brandon "Dr. Big Respect" Villarreal

Sooner Esports Media 

Communications, '22 (Masters)

Legacy Student Leadership Lineage

Bailey "UltimateCodex" Brown

- Media & News Director  (2017-2019)

Journalism, '19

Derek "DefectSnow" Snow

- Media & News Director  (2019-2021)

Computer Science, '23