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Streaming Entertainment

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The Influencer Development Program

Welcome to our “Influencer Development Program” development page. Streaming Entertainment is the esports answer to growing fanbases, building a community, and showcasing entertainers that reflect on gaming and its subcultures. Think of our program as all the ancillary programming you see on live sports entertainment, such as talk shows, interviews, and high-tier gameplay. This program works as the other half of our Shoutcasting Program to provide daily content. Shoutcasting represents official coverage of our sanctioned intercollegiate matches, scrims, and competitions while streaming entertainment is casual live streams produced by various members of the organization. From Super Mario Brothers speedruns to video game recipe recreations, our streamers are free to use their creativity to produce unique and interesting content. We always have new ideas in the works, such as a Sooner Esports podcast, and new students that join this program.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming video platform. Think TBS, ABC, ESPN, but only online at and predominately focused on gaming – from esports competitions to a person playing a video game and interacting with their audience. The reason why live streaming is such a popular form of entertainment is because of the connection and interactivity the audience can have with the entertainer. Imagine you are watching your favorite athlete or musician and you had the ability to interact with them directly in real-time. There is exponentially more influence on the audience when the entertainer can respond to them quickly or play games with them. Viewers also have an easy time joining communities and chatting with people that watch the same streamers that they do. On Twitch, streamers can make money through advertisements, product placement, merchandise, subscriptions, and donations. It is lucrative for both the entertainer and viewer.

What is Twitch Student?

Twitch Student is a collegiate only program designed to supplement event programming, bring awareness to opportunities for students, and provide resources for streaming. It adds incentive by enabling partner level subscription status early on which helps generate revenue for the development of the program. They have dedicated staff to support this program and to provide schools with the resources they need to succeed with Twitch. They enable collegiate programs’ Twitch streams to be partnered channel, allowing programs to generate revenue before they even start streaming. Generating our own revenue has helped us minimize any financial requests to the university. This allows us to be self-sustaining and removes the risks of being financially dependent on the university.

Examples of Work (

Here is a sampling of the work put in by students and alumni to create the influencer style media in real-time. By empowering students to take ownership of these energies we develop our own entertainment division for the extremely diverse gaming community. 

Make-A-Wish Oklahoma September 2021 Streamer Montage

2nd Annual Red River Clash Montage featuring both shoutcasting and streaming energies for engagement

2021-2022 Program Overview (Recruitment Video)



(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

The Stream Team is a collaborative group of streamers who stream weekly, M thru F, on a schedule -- think like a TV guide. You're allowed to stream whatever you desire (as long as it's not breaking any guidelines on OU side/Twitch)!

You'd be streaming over on during your allotted time(s), and of course, you'd be more than welcome to (and encouraged to!) advertise your personal channel/streams on the OU channel.

Since everyone is a student, scheduling troubles are understandable. The director will always try to work with you and find an appropriate timeslot if you’re interested in streaming!

While prior streaming experience is encouraged, it is certainly no problem to start from scratch!

VTubers are an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics and real-time motion capture software or technology. A digital trend that originated in Japan in the mid-2010s and, since the early 2020s, has become an international online phenomenon, a majority of VTubers are English and Japanese-speaking live streamers.


  • Any current student of OU of any status
  • Good standing with the university
  • Must be a member of OU Gaming Club
  • 2.5+ GPA


  • Being a member of this team is NOT dependent on you being awarded a scholarship
  • Any current FULL-TIME student of OU at any status
  • Stackable with other scholarships & programs
  • Previous streaming experience recommended but not required.
  • Maximum amount for inagural 2021-2022 school year: $1K+/yr

Application on Discord ONLY! Apply Here!  See All Scholarship Opportunities

Solidus Influencer Development Student Leadership

Kate "itsafurn" Furney

Influencer Development Coordinator

Creative Media Production, '23
Personal Twitch Page

Current Student Stream Team

Jackson "Ajax" Boyd

Construction Science, '24
Personal Twitch Page

Kaley "opiecat" Hassell

Aerospace Engineering
Personal Twitch Page

Payden "SourSpro" Hoffman

Philosophy and Criminology, '22
Personal Twitch Page

Edgar "Dr. Downfall" Rivera

Biology, '23
Personal Twitch Page

Saki (VTuber - Virtual Avatar Influencer)

Creative Media Production, '23
Personal Twitch Page

Mahdi "Meckdee" Zarakani

Sociology, '23
Personal Twitch Page

Legacy Student Leadership Lineage

Matthew "Silverplussonic" Miller

Streaming Entertainment Director

Meteorology, Class of 2022