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What is Expository Writing?

Expository writing sets forth ideas:  it establishes a context and advances an argument.  Writing in an expository mode, your goal is to persuade your reader that what you have to say really matters. 

In teaching expository writing, we give students the tools they need to work with the information and ideas they encounter in their classes, to develop their own understanding of how these ideas matter to them, and to communicate that understanding to someone else.  Doing so, we help students become active participants in their own educations.


How is Expo 1213 different from English 1213?

Both Expo 1213 and Engl 1213 will satisfy the Composition II requirement of the General Education Curriculum. 

However, only Expo courses focus on a specific theme or topic that students explore over the entire semester.  Expo courses also feature one-on-one revision conferences for every major essay, which means our students receive extensive guidance and feedback on their writing throughout the semester.


Can Expo courses satisfy any requirements other than Composition II?

Students who are interested in a particular course topic can take an Expo class even if they’ve already met their Composition II requirement. Any section of Expo may be enrolled in for 1223 credit by a student who has already completed Comp II.  Expo 1223 will satisfy the Western Civilization requirement. 

Do I need to be an advanced writer or an Honors student to pass an Expo course?

No.  Less than 25% of Expo students are in the Honors College, and many of our students don’t describe themselves as “strong writers” when they enroll in our courses.  The only requirement is that you must be willing to become a stronger writer over the course of the term.  If you’re interested in improving your writing skills and willing to challenge yourself to do it, then you’re ready to take an Expo class.

How do I find out more about a specific Expo course?

Descriptions of our current courses, biographies and contract info for the lecturers who teach them, and an archive of recent syllabuses are available on this site.  If you have any questions, feel free to email any of us—we’re always happy to talk to prospective students!

What opportunities will an Expo course offer me to publish my writing?

All Expo students are encouraged to submit essays to Brainstorm, the program’s journal of student writing.  Expo lecturers also keep an eye out for journals and essay contests that might interest their students.  If you’re particularly interested in publishing your work, tell your lecturer, and he or she will help you find opportunities to do it!

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