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International Travel

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Export Controls and International Travel

The University of Oklahoma employees who travel internationally to teach, conduct research, or act on behalf of the University must be knowledgeable about the possibility of export license requirements for items, materials, or equipment that they take with them.  Hand-carrying items, materials, or equipment outside of the U.S. (even temporarily) is considered an export.  All exports must be screened by the Office of Export Controls (OEC) for export license requirements. Depending on the destination and the equipment involved, an export license may be required. The OEC will make this determination and provide the appropriate documentation.

In compliance with U.S. export laws, traveling to specific embargoed countries (this currently includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) is highly restricted and regulated.  Depending on the travel or export, there may be restrictions and license requirements to adhere to in accordance with the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and Foreign Assets Control Regulations (FACR). In some instances, a license may be required for seemingly innocuous activity such as teaching a course with publicly available information.  Please contact the OEC before traveling to embargoed countries. 

More information concerning export compliance can be found in the OEC’s Export Controls International Travel Information Document. The OEC International Travel Document is provided to those that are traveling internationally on business for the University of Oklahoma and contains basic information, services the OEC provides, and links to external resources you may find valuable. The Foreign Travel Policy is a mandatory compliance policy and should be adhered to by all University of Oklahoma personnel who are planning to travel internationally. The OEC requires all University personnel traveling internationally to notify them of these travel details 30 days prior to departure to ensure ample time for determining licensing requirements, or if the traveler and their activities qualify for a license exception or exemptions.

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