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Information for Researchers

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Research & Export Controls

While export controls can impact a variety of activities at the University, one area of particular concern is research. The University’s commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge encourages full and free exchange of information. Open communication in the research setting has always been a cornerstone of academic institutions.

Unfortunately, this type of environment can create export control issues. The enforcement of export control regulations has stepped up in recent years, and the academic community has been subjected to increased scrutiny. Research that once was assumed to be exempt from export controls is now being reassessed by the federal government and their agencies.

Export control regulations may restrict researchers from freely sharing certain types of information with certain individuals. It also may restrict what equipment, software, and information can be released for international destinations. Penalties for violations of export control regulations can be quite severe and be liability falls on both the University and individual researchers. Due to this factor, it is essential for all researchers to consider whether their research, on and off campus, is subject to export control regulations and whether or not a license is required.

The information below provides an overview of information that researchers should know. Feel free to contact the Office of Export Controls for assistance with determining whether your research is subject to export controls.