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Faculty and staff sponsoring visas should be aware that the visa application process may be used to gather information regarding the applicability of export control regulation.  Students (F-1), Visiting Scholars (J-1), and the visa sponsor may be asked for additional information regarding any proposed research, funding sources (especially U.S. Government-funding), access to export controlled technology or items, or if the proposed research is open to non-U.S. Citizens.  If you receive a request for additional information, please contact the Office of Export Controls for assistance.

University of Oklahoma employees who travel internationally to teach or conduct research should be aware of the possibility of export license requirements for items, materials, or equipment that they carry with them.  Hand-carrying items, materials, or equipment outside of the U.S. (even temporarily) is considered an export.  All exports should be screened by the Office of Export Controls for export license requirements.  Depending on the destination and the equipment involved, an export license may be required.  In many cases, a license exception may be available.  The OEC can make this determination and provide the appropriate documentation. 

Technology that is not publicly available could also be subject to export control regulation and may require a license.  For assistance with determining if technology is publicly available, contact the OEC.

Travel to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria and your in-country activity in these destinations can be highly regulated.  In some instances, a license may be required for seemingly innocuous activity such as teaching a course with publicly available information.  Contact the OEC before traveling to these countries. 

Prior to traveling internationally, please review the following information.

  • For travel warnings, security information and other country-specifc information, visit
  • For information about recommended vaccinations and other country-specific health issues, visit
  • For information about the TSA's current airport security procedures, visit


If you are traveling internationally on University buisness, you may check out 'clean laptops' from the Office of Export Controls for use while abroad.  

The Office of Export Controls offers “clean” laptops to faculty and staff traveling internationally on University business.  These laptops are referred to as “clean” because they are free of export-controlled technology, student records, HIPPA information, or other sensitive information.  Using an OEC clean laptop greatly reduces the risk of loss, theft, or inadvertent disclosure of protected information.  We have both PCs and MACs, including a Macbook Air and an iPad 2.  All faculty and staff are welcome to request a clean laptop; however priority will be given to those subject to a Technology Control Plan (TCP).

The Obama Administration has launched a comprehensive export control reform effort.  This is a long and complicated process and it is not yet clear how the reforms will affect university activity.  The Office of Export Controls is carefully monitoring the reform effort and providing comments to proposed changes as appropriate.  The OEC will keep the University community updated on the reform process.