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Outage Request Procedure

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Utility/Energy Outage Request Procedure

The operation of a facility the size of The University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus will require that certain building systems be de-energized at certain times to facilitate repairs, renovation, new construction, or extension.  The University Facilities Management attempts to minimize the disruption to all campus constituents.  This is of particular concern when the disruption affects research and the teaching/learning process.  The following procedure is given in order to clarify how to schedule an outage.  This procedure should minimize the frustration of all concerned, when followed in its entirety. 

The following systems are included:  electrical systems, natural gas, potable water, untreated well water, steam, air handling systems, chilled water, and alarms.  There are certain smaller systems that are not connected to the central plants but may require an outage.  These might include laboratory compressed air, laboratory vacuum, heating hot water, condensate return pumps, sanitary sewer pumps, and storm water pumps.

Telecommunications, internet, and cable TV are specifically not included. Contact Information Technology for information about these services.


  1. The General Contractor or Subcontractor will determine the need to de-energize a system for a specific work item.  He/she will describe the work required and briefly explain why the outage is required.
  2. The General Contractor and/or Subcontractor will present this to the A&E Services Project Manager.  The Project Manager will review and include any notes with an appropriate project number.  The Project Manager will send an e-mail to the Contract Administrator explaining the request.  The Contract Administrator will arrange for an appropriate Facilities Management person to meet with the Contractor to discuss the outage request and its implications.  This should happen two weeks prior to the need for the outage.
  3. The General Contractor or Subcontractor will meet with the Facilities Management Craftsperson to review the scope of the building areas affected and the systems affected.  The Craftsperson will determine whether additional departments are required.
  4. The General Contractor will complete the form including the Lock Out/Tag Out information.  Both the General Contractor and the Subcontractor will sign the form.
  5. The General Contractor will return the form to the A&E Project Manager who then reviews it.  If all is acceptable, the Project Manager will discuss it with the department/area representative.  If both of them concur with the request, both of them will sign the form.
  6. The form is sent by fax to Facilities Management Customer Service, (405) 325‑3357.  A Customer Service representative will inform the Administration to ensure that no other conflicts exist.  If none exists, the order will be issued for the outage.  The approval will have occurred at seventy-two hours in advance of the outage.
  7. The Facilities Management Craftsperson will advise Customer Support when the outage is complete and the utility restored.

Questions or issues with this procedure may be addressed to the Contract Administrator at (405) 325-6211.