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F45 Workout at Home

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F45 Workout from Home

As we continue to navigate this challenging time, we recognize how important physical activity and exercise are to health and well-being.    

F45 Workout At Home program is available as an option to support your fitness and wellness goals through F45. 

F45 is a 45-minute fitness program focusing on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and resistance training. The Workout At Home program includes body weight cardio and strength circuit-style classes similar to those that were offered in person at the Sarkeys Fitness Center prior to COVID. More formats, such as Meditation and Yoga, will be added in the near future.  

As a part of the F45 Collegiate team, The University of Oklahoma has free access until June 1, 2020. 

You can access F45 Workout at Home through the F45 Challenge website or app.  

To create an account: 

· Download the F45 Challenge app, or go to the F45 Challenge website

· Create an account using your .edu email address (must use an or address 

· Go to your profile and select F45 University of Oklahoma as your studio  

As a part of the F45 Collegiate team, The University of Oklahoma has free access until June 1, 2020.  This is a special extension only available to universities and colleges.  Note that when you sign-up, it will indicate the free trial ends May 1.  Once you update the studio in your profile, your free trial will be extended to June 1.