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Fitness and Recreation offers a variety of on campus employment opportunities for students while they are pursuing their academic goals. 

All Fitness and Recreation positions will be listed on the site under student jobs.

Front Desk | Student Cashier (212643)

Cashiers provide customer service via in-person interactions and multi-line telephone, they complete monetary transactions and relate facility and program information to members.

Front Desk | Student Staff Assistant

Student Staff Assistants conduct training for on-boarding colleagues, manages the storage and disposal of private, sensitive information, and work independently on time-sensitive projects in assistance to the Membership Coordinator.

Facilities | Student Facility Attendant (212639)

Facility Attendants improve the facility environment by identifying and acting on area needs and cleanliness. Attendants articulate and enforce policies to promote a safe environment.

Facilities | Student Facility Supervisor (Internal Promotion)

Facility Supervisors manage, train, and develop peer facility staff. They solve problems, provide customer service interactions and communicate effectively with diverse staff and members. Supervisors also implement and oversee facility-wide emergency response procedures.

Facilities | Climbing Wall Attendant (212575)

Climbing Wall Attendants instruct climbers on technique, safety and rock wall expectations. They prepare wall routes, provide oversight to ensure equipment is properly used and identify and report safety concerns.

Maintenance | Maintenance Staff (213126)

Duties are janitorial and custodial in nature and some equipment repair when needed. 

Fitness | Instructor, Personal Trainer

Using a variety of teaching and motivational techniques, this position will create a positive exercise experience for members. These positions are professionals who teach, lead, and motivate groups/individuals through intentionally designed exercise classes or training programs. They provide safe and effective, exercise science-based instruction for different fitness levels and possess a wealth of motivational and leadership techniques that help their classes/individuals achieve fitness goals. Applicants must have or be working towards a nationally recognized/accredited certification for the position applied. If the applicant is not currently certified, certification must be obtained within six months of hire.

Aquatics | Lifeguard (220040)

Responsible for ensuring the safety of facility patrons by preventing and responding to aquatic emergencies.

Aquatics | Student Cashier 

Cashiers provide customer service via in-person interactions and multi-line telephone, they complete monetary transactions and relate facility and program information to members.

Intramural Sports | Sports Official (212530)

Student officials needed for the following sports: flag football, 6-on-6 volleyball, 5-on-5 basketball, 8v8 soccer, and softball.

Intramural Sports | Student Supervisor (Internal Promotion)

Student supervisors are needed to run a comprehensive program of 25+ sports, as well as assist in training, evaluating, and developing officials.

Intramural Sports | Graduate Assistant

Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant reports to the Intramural Sports Coordinator and assists with Intramural Sports programming, departmental programming, facility management, and other duties as assigned. Graduate Assistant activities range from on-site administration to training and assessment of officials and programs.

The two Graduate Assistants will oversee 20 undergraduate student supervisors and upwards of 100 officials. The position requires approximately 20 hours per week and a willingness to work evenings and weekends.

Representative Duties: Assist with Intramural Sports program development - Daily Intramural Sports activities administration - Special event coordination and administration - Training and development of supervisors/officials - Develop and implement departmental assessment practices - Provide reviews of assessment tools and data - Daily reports review and follow-up - Other duties as assigned.