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Workout Descriptions

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Workout Descriptions

3-PEAT: 3-Peat is a 45-minute fitness challenge that tests all facets of functional training. The focus of this session is for an individual to test their own fitness levels rather than compete against others in the room.

ANGRYBIRD: Angrybird is a super-set, resistance-based workout that uses varying timing and tempo, as well as pod-specific exercises to build strength throughout the whole body.

ATHLETICA: Athletica is one of our original F45 cardio workouts that lays the platform for building a solid aerobic base.

DOCKLANDS: Docklands is a cardio-based session that uses varying set times and a strong bodyweight focus to challenge the body aerobically.

EMPIRE: Empire will have you sweating it out in a team training-style, combo set cardio workout.

GRAVITY: Gravity is a cardio-based session that uses only bodyweight exercises for an effective, total body workout.

HOLLYWOOD: Hollywood is a world-famous workout and one of the F45 originals. This 60 minute, hybrid, super-circuit workout combines strength, cardio, core, abs, agility and resistance, all while the DJ pumps up the atmosphere.

MIAMI NIGHTS: Miami Nights is a functional workout that tests all facets of fitness, with pod 1 being functional cardio, pod two being resistance, and pod three being bodyweight exercises.

MKATZ: Mkatz is a resistance-based workout that uses drop set timing and overload techniques to work the body, with a little surprise at the end - a 2 minute plank.

NOHO: NoHo is your new sister workout to Hollywood and West Hollywood! This workout can have up to 36 members sweating it out together across 60 minutes and 18 stations of resistance, bodyweight, functional, agility and plyometric movements.

RENEGADE: Renegade is a super-set strength workout. Each station is specifically positioned to allow each member to super-set 2 resistance exercises, followed by a core exercise.

THE PISTON: The Piston alternates resistance exercises between upper body and lower body as well as the push/pull movements for a balanced, full body strength session.

TOKYO DISCO: Tokyo Disco uses overload techniques across 12 stations in 2 pods, targeting either only lower body or upper body-based movements.

VARSITY: Varsity has is the ultimate cardiovascular test with varying timings and sets on each lap to really challenge your aerobic threshold.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: West Hollywood is a super-circuit hybrid session and the sister workout of Hollywood. With a slight change to the timing system and exercise selection West Hollywood was created to test even the hardest F45 loyals.

WINGMAN: Wingman is a partnered, resistance-based workout that uses super-set and overload techniques for a controlled, effective workout. Bring your best wingman along for a little extra motivation!