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From eyewear to racquetballs to yoga mats, we have what you need at the Sarkeys Fitness Center!

Payment is required at time of purchase for all ProShop items. We accept cash, check, and credit or debit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover). Bursar charge is not accepted for ProShop items. All sales are final.

Available for Purchase
ITEMSPRICE (includes tax)
AA Battery$0.82
AAA Battery$0.82
Birdie (Feather)$2.71
Birdie (Plastic)$1.61
Climbing Shoe (Single Pass)$1.50
Climbing Shoe (5 Pass)$6.5
Climbing Shoe (10 Pass)$13.00
Kickboxing Gloves$25.00
Official's Whistle$6.53
Racquetball Eyewear$10.88
Squash Balls$4.02
Table Tennis Ball$0.30
Tennis Balls (3)$4.89
Yoga Mat$32.63