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OU Percussion Press

2019 Composition Contest

We are accepting submissions now for the 2019 OU Percussion Press Composition Contest! See the Composition Contest page for more details.

The OU Percussion Press features works commissioned by the OU Percussion Ensemble Commissioning Series over the past three decades as well as arrangements of Christmas music, classical works, and ragtime. The Press was created to fill the need for publication and distribution of new, high-quality pieces for the percussion ensemble. Since its inception in 1983, the OU Percussion Ensemble Commissioning Series and OU Percussion Press have been integral to the creation of some of the most popular, timeless masterworks for the medium. Pieces by David Maslanka, Raymond Helble, Eric Ewazen, and others have become standards in the percussion ensemble repertoire and continue to be performed and studied by students across the nation. The OU Percussion Press catalog currently features 43 works, with more works to be added as the Commissioning Series continues to produce innovative new music.

OU Percussion Press pieces are available for purchase through C. Alan Publications at the link below.
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OU Percussion Press Catalog and Recordings

"A Fit Reliquary" - Marvin Lamb
"Adagio from Symphony No. 3" - Saint-Saƫns, arr. Richard Gipson
"Away in a Manger" - Mack Wilberg, arr. Lisa Rogers and Richard Gipson
"Back Talk" - Harry Breuer, arr. Gipson
"Blue Tid Bit" - Harry Breuer, arr. Gipson
"Butchemish-Ragtime" - George Tantchev
"Canzona" - Joseph Westley Slater
"Carol of the Bells" - arr. Gipson
"Chameleon Music" - Dan Welcher
"Christmas Medley" - James Faulconer, arr. Gipson
"Circadian Rhythms" - Carolyn Bremer
"Compendium" - Blake M. Wilkins
"Concertare" - Raymond Helble
"Cores Norte/Sol" - Ricardo Coelho de Souza
"Crown of Thorns" - David Maslanka
"Curled Dimensions" - Lynn Glassock
"Cyclus" - Austin Theriot
"Deck the Halls" - Randol Alan Bass, arr. Gipson
"Debris Field" - Jessica Flannigan
"Diabolic Variations" - Raymond Helble
"Diptych No. 2" - Gordon Stout
"Duo Chopinesque" - Michael Hennagin
"Emerging Victoriously" - Chris Prather
"Four Stick Joe" - Harry Breuer, arr. Gipson
"Fum, Fum, Fum!" - Mack Wilberg, arr. Gipson
"I Saw Three Ships" - Mack Wilberg, arr. Gipson
"Lasciatemi Morire" - Claudio Monteverdi, arr. Gipson
"The Manes Scroll" - Christopher Deane
"Marimba Carol Medley" - Richard C. Gipson
"Melisande's Death" - Jean Sibelius, arr. Gipson
"Minor Moment" - Harry Breuer, arr. Gipson
"O Green and Shimmering Tree, Good Day!" - Mack Wilberg, arr. Gipson
"Oh Holy Night" - arr. Gipson
"Phage" - Pat Muchmore
"Silent Night" - arr. Gipson
"Suite for Keyboard Percussion" - Joseph Westley Slater
"The Christmas Song" - Mel Torme and Robert Wells, arr. Gipson
"The Cry" - Nathan Daughtrey
"The Night Watch" - Joseph Blaha
"The Palace of Nine Perfections" - Eric Ewazen
"The Phantom Dances" - Michael Hennagin
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" - arr. Gipson
"Twilight Offering Music" - Blake M. Wilkins
"Two Movements for Mallets II" - William Steinohrt
"Vocalise" - Wilbur Chenowith, arr. Christine Smith and Richard Gipson
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - James Faulconer, arr. Gipson
"Wooden Timepiece" - Benjamin Holmes