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Concert & Lecture Series

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Concert & Lecture Series

The musical life in Norman and on the OU campus is among the most exciting in the State and Midwest. In a typical academic year, the School of Music sponsors over 250 concerts and recitals. These performances include both faculty and student chamber recitals and concerts by bands, choruses, and orchestras sponsored by the School. Students may acquire complimentary tickets for all School of Music events, pending availability.

The MASALA WORLD SERIES at the University of Oklahoma is dedicated to bringing diverse cultural expressions to our campus and the School of Music. In India, the word masala means a mixture of spices and, beyond food, may apply in other contexts, such as musical fusions. The Masala Series presents concerts and workshops of world music. The goal of these events is to present a cross‐section of music and dance from around the globe that will provide students a live listening and hands‐on complement (through workshops) to what they are learning in world music/music and culture courses. Recent events have featured Persian classical music for the Nowruz Spring festival; North Indian‐Jazz fusion; the dance and drumming of the Afrikania Cultural Troup of Ghana, West Africa; and a steel band festival that brought together OU’s steel band with local high school groups along with national expert performers and teachers. These concerts are open to all students and encourage participation and engagement with the artists in workshops and after the concert event. 

The RUGGLES NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC SERIES is an exploration of the diversity of Indigenous music, dance, storytelling, and culture. Each semester the Ruggles series showcases Indigenous talent through live performances, exhibitions, films, and educational workshops. Through its focus on interdepartmental collaboration, the Ruggles Native American Music Series has been a part of university-wide celebrations of Native Culture such as the Native Voices Over the Airwaves: The Indians for Indians Hour Radio Show and the Native Crossroads Film Festival. Previous guests include United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, artist and Native American flutist Timothy Nevaquaya, author of the Super Indian comic series Arigon Starr, and the Oklahoma Fancy Dancers. This series was created by ethnomusicologist Paula Conlon and is named in honor of Mary Jo Ruggles who founded the World Music and Native American music programs at the University of Oklahoma. It was her mission to honor and acknowledge the Indigenous people of Oklahoma.

The NORTON LECTURE SERIES is a scholarly public lecture presented by the musicology, music theory, ethnomusicology, and music education faculty of the University of Oklahoma School of Music.

The RESONANCE SERIES is a new guest lecture series brought to you by the OU School of Music and Jazz in June that connects OU students and Norman musicians with music professionals from around the world. Speakers will share their experiences, provide the future generation with insight into the industry and career paths, and answer questions students may have. Join us live in person or online for this unique opportunity to listen to, talk with, and ask questions of the music industry's most successful experts.

The TUESDAY NOON CONCERT SERIES is a weekly collaboration with the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. This series organizes free concerts featuring OU music students and faculty, which take place every Tuesday at noon in the museum. Admission to the museum is also free.

The THURSDAY NOON LUNCH AND LISTEN SERIES is a collaboration with Norman Public Library West to provide free concerts along with a free light lunch. This series is open to the public.