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Catlett Buddies

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If you are an upperclassmen and you’d like to volunteer to be a mentor, sign up here:

Be a Mentor

If you are an underclassmen and you’d like to be assigned a mentor, sign up here:

Want a Mentor?

College life as a music major can be a scary, overwhelming time - especially during a pandemic! Our School of Music family cares about your academic success AND your overall well-being.

“Catlett Buddies” is a one-of-a-kind mentorship program, which is intended to connect Freshmen and Upperclassmen music majors. Each Freshman will be assigned an older “buddy” who can answer questions, help with school work, offer emotional support, and more! Perhaps the most important benefit of this program is that you’ll always have someone to check in on you to make sure you are ok–something everyone deserves. You are never alone when you’re in the Catlett family.

Throughout the year, “Catlett Buddies” will be invited to participate in several events that will enhance the mentorship experience, and build an environment of support and safety. Your time commitment as a buddy can be whatever you need it to be. This is an open opportunity to connect, learn, and grow however you and your buddy see fit. While specific events and activities will be suggested and encouraged, this mentorship experience is totally in your hands.