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Practice Rooms

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Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are located in the Crawford Practice Wing of the Reynolds Performing Arts Center (across the street from Catlett to the east). Students may gain access to the practice rooms by using their OU student ID card (Sooner Card). This access will be activated at the beginning of the school year.


Who Has Access

All graduate and undergraduate music majors and music minors have access to the practice rooms. The following groups also have access:

  • Students enrolled in private lessons
  • Students enrolled in ensembles
  • Students enrolled in group piano classes

If you are not in one of the above groups and you would like access, you can pay a $50 fee per semester (fall, spring, or summer) for access. If you would like to do this, you can pay online using the link below. This will submit your information to Gayle Reynolds at Gayle will submit your info to SoonerCard. Once your info is submitted to SoonerCard, you will typically have access within 1 business day.

  • Fall option grants access: Aug 16 - Dec 31
  • Spring option grants access: Jan 2 - May 14
  • Summer option grants access: May 15 - Aug 15

Note that the building will be locked on federal holiday days. For example, over winter break, the building is locked on December 24 & 25, January 1, and MLK Day (which falls on January 15 - 21, depending on the year).

Pay $50 Fee for Practice Room Access


My ID Card Isn't Working

If you should have access and your ID card isn't working, contact Gayle Reynolds at Be sure to include your full name and your OU ID number. If you are not a music major or music minor, also include the course number you are enrolled in that grants you access.



If you have any other questions about practice rooms, contact the School of Music at or (405) 325-2081.