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Erin Duncan-O'Neill

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Erin Duncan-O'Neill, Ph.D

Erin Duncan-O’Neill is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma specializing in nineteenth-century European art, with a focus on the art and visual culture of France from the July Monarchy to the Paris Commune. She is particularly interested in politics and censorship in art, media studies, and philosophies of labor and identity. Her current book project, In Jest: Literary Satire in the Art of Honoré Daumier, traces the influence of literary and theatrical satire in Daumier’s work. Best known as a political caricaturist, Daumier turned obsessively to painting motifs from literary satire in moments when explicitly political material was censored in illustrated formats. The book shows that these understudied artworks are key to understanding Daumier’s larger commitment to political dissent and signal a broader interplay between the visual arts, literature, and theater in the formation of modern art.   

Professor Duncan-O’Neill earned her Ph.D. in the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University in 2016, a Master’s in Education from Arizona State University, and a B.A. in Art History from the University of California, Berkeley. Before teaching art history at OU, Princeton, and Muhlenberg College, she served in the national teaching corps, Teach For America. She teaches a broad range of topics in modern European art spanning the French Revolution to the Second World War. These courses include Caricature andSatire, The Impressionist Revolt, Paris Capital of the Nineteenth Century, and Modern Art: Cézanne to 1950 in addition to special topics in Nineteenth Century Art and introductions to the major. Her courses tend to focus on art’s intersection with politics, representations of shifting social orders, and the explosion of new image-making technologies.