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OU School of Visual Arts Featured Alumni

Alexis Winslow

alexis winslow

Tell me about a proud moment in your career.
I've had many proud moments because I try to celebrate every step along the way in my career and they all build upon each other. Moving to New York has compounded these moments because there is so much opportunity here. Not everything has to do with location though, recently a received a very exciting email from a prominent west-coast knitting magazine. They have offered to run a feature on my work and publish a small collection of my original knit designs. It's amazing to be recognized in that way and I hope that it leads to even greater things.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I try to stay focused like a laser on the present. My plan is to work as hard as I possibly can and stick my neck out. I have faith that everything will work itself out if I do those two things. I'm currently working as a print textile designer at a job that I really love and using every spare moment to build my business as a freelance hand knit pattern designer. To that end, I recently launched a knitting website at where I write about design ideas and self-publish my patterns. Ultimately the goal is to work for myself, it would be wonderful to devote more time to my painting as well.  

How have you used your college experience to help others?
I've been able to help many people directly and indirectly since graduation. I've used my skills as a designer to do things like create a logo for my Mother's church. I've used my organizational skills, honed as Vice President of the Visual Arts Student Association at OU, to begin a neighborhood knitting club in Brooklyn. As the de facto leader of this organization, I receive great satisfaction from helping its members grow as creative people.  While acting as Creative Director for a small decorative painting studio, I had the opportunity to work with many gifted artists, providing constructive direction to help them refine their painting skills and create happy clients. All these things have been very rewarding and I love to share the knowledge gained through my experiences with others.

Why did you choose OU?
It was an easy choice deciding to attend OU. My brother, parents, and grandparents all attended OU. As a student at OU, I was very proud to be a third generation sooner. Also having grown up in Norman, my dad always having season tickets to the OU football games, you could say I was born with Sooner pride!  There were so many people in my life that had been students at OU, I knew it would be a great fit for me and I already knew that Norman was such a wonderful community.

Tell me your favorite memory of your time at OU college of Fine Arts:
It's hard to pick just one! Most of my favorite memories revolve around working together with a group of artist friends to accomplish some big goal. I remember staying up till 4am (too many times) to cram for an art history exam with a bunch of my friends and really having an awesome time. As the VP of the Visual Arts Student Association, which by itself was quite a hoot, I got to help organize a super fun Halloween ball at the School of Art. There were so many great times at the ceramics building on South base, such as a blind throw-off where my buddy, Jesse Armstrong, and I competed to see who could throw the tallest pots on the wheel whilst blind-folded.

Biography or Statement about your most recent work
Alexis Winslow, born November 17, 1982 in Norman, Oklahoma, now calls Brooklyn, New York her home. Winslow attended the University of Oklahoma where she earned a BFA in painting and pottery in 2005. She now works as a professional textile print designer for children's bedding at Jay Franco and Sons in New York City as well as a freelance hand-knit pattern designer. Her textile designs for Jay Franco and Sons have been sold to many national retail chains such as Macy's, Claire's, Meijer's, and Target. She has exhibited her artwork in New York, California, Arizona, and Oklahoma and has gained many commissions from around the country. Her artwork has been featured in a number of publications including Art Focus, The Oklahoman, The Norman Transcript, Norman Living, POP and The Villager. Winslow's knitting pattern designs have been published on and will be published in Knitscene Magazine and Interweave Knits Magazine, including a full feature article, in 2011.

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