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Computer Facilities


Digital Photo Lab
The digital photography lab is located in the basement of the Fred Jones Center in room B18.  Equipped with several state-of-the-art computers, scanners and printers to meet the needs of our photography graduate and undergraduate students.


Media Lab
The Media Lab is available to all Media students. It is used for digital editing, animation, audio editing, interactive digital art, and experimental electronic media. The Media Lab is located in the basement of the Fred Jones Center in room B11.

Media Equipment Checkout
The Equipment Checkout Service is located in the Fred Jones Center basement in FJC B16.  Media students can check out motion picture film and video cameras, audio equipment, photography equipment and lighting materials to use for class assignments.  Equipment checkouts are available to Media students Monday through Thursday 12:30- 1:30 & 4:00-5:00. Friday by appointment only. Summer availability will vary depending on curriculum.

Digital Fabrication Lab
The lab features several PC workstations for CAD and vector based digital output to several CNC machines including laser cutters, several 3d printers, a CNC mill, a CNC router, and a CNC plasma cutter. The lab specifically supports the Art & Technology and Sculpture curriculums while offering students across all disciplines the opportunity to engage technology and materials in new and challenging ways as elective coursework. The curriculum features courses specific to learning digital fabrication through these technologies. Specific equipment in the lab includes Lulzbot TAZ5 and TAZ6 3d printers, a WASP Delta printer capable of creating 3d printed ceramics, an Ultimaker 3 extended, a Universal Laser VLS 6.6 model, and a Roland MDX-540 CNC mill. Additional CNC machines are housed in the sculpture department on the first floor.

Visual Communication Computer Facility
Located in the Fred Jones Center, Room 110. This lab contains Macintosh computers, scanners and printers for use by Visual Communication students.

Printmaking/Foundations Computer Lab
The printmaking and foundations computer lab is located on the third floor of the Fred Jones Center.  Used for a variety of projects in the 2D foundations course work as well as a layout tool for printmaking projects the lab has state-of-the-art equipment and design software. 

Ceramics Facility


The Ceramics Program at OU provides a comprehensive approach to the development of the skills and techniques necessary for successful work in clay. Over the course of several years, through a series of progressively more complex assignments and self directed projects, students learn the medium specific skills necessary for successful completion of projects and for the continued development of the student’s personal artistic and creative expression. Students are encouraged to integrate concepts and experiences from their work in other mediums and disciplines into their explorations in clay. The new ceramics facility provides ample work space and separate areas for handbuilding, throwing, glazing, glaze mixing, firing and materials storage. The organization of the ceramics studio is modeled on the workshop construct: that is, students are responsible for both their individual work and for group participation. During term time, the studio is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



The University of Oklahoma's painting program is recognized both regionally and nationally, as an environment that promotes curiosity, exploration, and independent thinking. Through conventional and contemporary investigations, students expand their creative capacities while developing personal ideas of value. Not limited to a visual experience, painting students practice traditional skills including writing, verbalization, and research as they engage in cultural issues concerning art and design. In a continuously evolving and interdisciplinary field, our graduates enter the world as competent, confident, complete individuals that possess unique problem solving capabilities.


Photography Labs

Located in the Fred Jones Junior School of Art Basement. The Photography Lab for black & white and color printing and developing, open to current School of Art photography students.



Ink cans

The Printmaking Department at the University of Oklahoma offers emphases in Screenprinting, Lithography, and Etching. The curriculum also includes courses involving Relief Printing, Letterpress, Digital Output, and Book Arts. The spacious studios have 24 hour a day access and students are given freedom to explore their ideas beyond the confines of traditional printmaking. An emphasis is given to interdisciplinary work, especially work containing aspects of community practice and installation. The facilities include two etching and three lithography presses as well as an oversized one-arm screenprinting press, capable of printing images up to 48 x 72 inches. The influence of emerging digital technology is constantly addressed creatively inserted into the curriculum.




The contemporary sculpture studio is equipped for a variety of sculpture production needs including CNC equipment for metal & wood, metal casting, metal fabrication and welding, woodworking and construction, plastics, rubber molding, glass fusing, and working with alternative materials. It includes 2 main indoor workspaces and an outdoor covered workspace with loading access & 1 ton rolling gantry crane. Sculpture students also work in the Carver Fab Lab utilizing laser cutting technology, 3D rapid prototyping and CNC milling. The sculpture tool room is equipped with a variety of hand & power tools including, saws, drills, grinders, sanders and various air tools. The studio also provides numerous safety items including eye protection, gloves, hearing protection and specific protective clothing. A limited number for undergraduate studio spaces are available for exceptional majors. The studio is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for enrolled students.

The figurative sculpture facility located in the Charles M. Russell Center includes 2 studios for modeling and rendering on small and moderate scales. The main studio has natural light access and large ceilings. It is equipped with modeling stands, armature hardware, oil-based clays and mold making materials including plaster, rubber and polymer compounds. Studio access is limited and scheduled through the instructional faculty.

Sculpture Studio Equipment

Torchmate 4’ x 6’ CNC plasma cutting table, Thermal Dynamic plasma with 5/8” cut capacity
Laser cutter, Universal VeraLaser, 50 watt w/ 32” x 18” capacity
McEngelvan B-301 speedy melt furnace (#30 crucible capacity)
Iron casting furnace, 120# tap
sand muller, 125# capacity
Hypertherm Powermax 600 plasma cutter
Hydraulic metal bender with complete die package
Miller 350P MIG welder w/ XR-A aluminum pro kit
Miller 212 MIG welder
ESAB 252 Heliarc TIG welder
Lincoln AC/DC ARC welder
2, Miller 140, 120v Mig welders
3, oxy/gas welding rigs
5 ton pedestal ring roller
Baileigh Industrial 14” manual cold saw
Dayton hand shear
Dayton milling/drilling machine
30" metal foot shear
8" stationary grinder
Powermatic 220v. variable speed drill press
14" Porter Cable chop saw
52" Birmingham slip roll
48" x 96" ShopSabre CNC router table
Grizzly 50" metal bending break

1 ton rolling gantry crane
Baleigh manual iron worker
7" x 12" Dayton variable speed horizontal bandsaw
NC Tool Whisper Daddy II gas forge
Sandblasting cabinet
110 lb. portable sand blasting pressure pot
10” Saw-Stop professional cabinet saw
2, Powermatic drill presses
18” Laguna bandsaw
14" Powermatic bandsaw
18" Dayton wood/metal variable speed bandsaw
Powermatic 3520 variable speed lathe
2, 14" Delta bandsaws
Jet professional oscillating spindle sander
10" Delta radial arm saw
12" Hitachi miter saw with laser sight
8" Delta Professional jointer
20" Grizzly planer
Milwaukee panel saw with laser sight
Woodtek combination belt & 12” disc sander
Bosch router table
Grizzly downdraft sanding table
Paragon Ovation-10 1700F glass fusing kiln w/digital control
Vacuum degassing chamber for liquid plastic and rubber
Rubber/plastic 60 psi. pressure casting chamber