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Art, Tech & Culture

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Art, Technology & Culture

About the Program

Sherwin Tibayan
Sherwin Tibayan, MFA

Today’s technology will not be tomorrow’s. It is therefore imperative that students learn to be
critical thinkers, adaptive life-long learners, and creative problem solvers. In a rapidly
changing media-scape, students must work toward multiple outcomes and use their skill sets
creatively. This necessitates a more collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to education that
extends beyond the borders of the traditional art school experience. The Art, Technology, and
Culture Lab at the University of Oklahoma is reflective of these concerns.

Degree Options

Students in the OU School of Visual Arts have the option of pursuing one of three degree
program options:

1. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with a concentration in Art, Technology, and Culture
2. Bachelor of Arts in Art with an emphasis in Art, Technology, and Culture
3. Art Minor with a concentrated selection of courses in Art, Technology, and Culture

Career Opportunities

Because Media and Technology are embedded in virtually all areas of our lives, professional
opportunities for Art, Technology, and Culture majors are extremely diverse and rapidly expanding. In a addition to the fine arts, career fields for graduates include:

Photography and Digital Imaging
Film and Video
Animation and Motion Graphics
Interactive Media and Game Development
Web and Application Development
Scientific and Data Visualization
Prototyping and Fabrication
Physical Computing and Robotics
Museum, Exhibition, Environmental, and Spatial Design

Art, Technology & Culture Faculty

Tess ElliotArt, Technology and Culture Assistant
Cathleen FaubertArt, Technology and Culture Assistant Professor
Pete FroslieOU School of Visual Arts Director and Art, Technology and Culture Professor
Todd StewartArt, Technology and Culture Associate Professor