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United States (Native American)

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Art of the Americas

United States (Native American)

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Arts’ largest collection is of Native American art from the United States spanning every state, representing over 125 tribes from the Absentee Shawnee to Zuni Pueblo. The Southwest and Oklahoma are very strongly represented in materials ranging from traditional baskets to contemporary mixed-media assemblages made from 1895 to the present.


birds, butterflies, baseballs

Tony Abeyta
Birds, Butterflies, and Baseballs


Tommy Wayne "T.C." Cannon
Zuni (After S. Gordon Photo)

Squaw Dance

Helen Sando Garcia

Squaw Dance

Jesse Monongya
Buckle (Night Sky-Inlay)

Squaw Dance

Gilbert Benjamin Atencio (Wah Peen)
The Delight Makers in the Process

Squaw Dance

Susan Folwell
Star Wars

Squaw Dance

Bill Glass
Black Star Diamonds


Cannupa Hanska Luger
Regalia: Lynx

Oustercatcher Rattle

Preston Singletary
Oystercatcher Rattle