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Contemporary Art

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Contemporary Art


Due to the size of our permanent collection, we are unable to display every work at all times. Prior to visiting the museum, please e-mail us or call (405) 325-3450 to inquire about a specific work’s current status.


If you would like to obtain images of artworks from the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art's collection, please click here.

Moon Rabbit, black sculpture

Otmar Alt

The Moon Rabbit

(Der Mondhase)

collage, main image of man sitting, acrylic, photograph, oil stick, spray paint, resin and collage on paper

Radcliffe Bailey

Destination Unknown





various bubbles on white background, one red, one yellow, one blue and one orange bubble, the rest are black, lithograph

Alexander Calder


two people surrounded by various shapes

Sandro Chia


blue car, inside of wrecking yard, can only see the the hood of the care, which is open

Don Eddy

Wrecking Yard

various paint colors on rice paper, yellow, navy, red

Sam Francis


Grace Hartigan

Liz Downing's Monsters in Mexico

abstract, emerald cutting into other images, shapes, colors

Patrick Heron

Icy Emerald Cutting Into Dark Green and Blue

mustang up on hind legs, statue, glowing red eyes, fiberglass

Luis Jiménez


image of a lamb's head, colorful background

Menashe Kadishman

Lamb's Head

Jim Leedy


Warren MacKenzie

Large Platter

triptych that interlocks, scultpture made of granite

Jesús Moroles

Interlocking Triptych

strips of color, vertical, different patterns

Robert Natkin

Apollo Series

image of a face with different designs and colors all over,

Ed Paschke and (art) n Laboratory

No Fumare, por Favore

three camels overlapping, turned different directions, word camel written out on top of page, covred up with smears

Larry Rivers


abstract, collage

Dieter Roth

Are you Seriously Looking for Ernestine...

photographs of different parts of people

Kiki Smith

Las Animas


Asphalt on eroded cliff, asphalt spread out like several small rivers

Robert Smithson

Asphalt on Eroded Cliff



James Surls

Walking Series: 3-6-9



image of a horse, black background, oil on canvas

Joe Andoe


statue of a sphinx, bronze

Fernando Botero






symbolism and mythology expressed in bold colors, oil on canvas

Alan Davie

Big Solid Sender

Dale Eldred

Untitled (scale model)

blue square in middle, the letter B in each corner, background white

Terry Frost

Four B's and a Blue



mixed media on canvas, black background with red images

Anton Henning

Peeping Tom



screenprint, love with lo on top of ve background switches between green and blue

Robert Indiana



crosshatching with compositional framework of a double image, lithograph

Jasper Johns

Corpse and Mirror


sacrifice of young people in war. young person upside down made of cor-ten steel

Menashe Kadishman

The Sacrifice of Isaac

serigraph, 3 pyramids, two-toned

Roy Lichtenstein






Alden C. Mason

Pre-Columbian Dog

Robert Morris

Working drawing for sculpture

scissors used to represent obelisk in washington d.c.

Claes Oldenburg

Scissors as Monument

collage of newspaper, magazine

Adam Peiperl



collage of newspaper, magazine

Robert Rauschenberg

#62 Features from Currents


Larry Rivers


abstract, games being played

Dieter Roth

Games After the Play or Before the Play

image of an indian, crying

Fritz Scholder

Indian with Tear


circle with red and black images inside to make up the whole circle

Leon Polk Smith



Paul Soldner




Jim Waid





acrylic on celotex

Richard Artschwager

Another study for Untitled


John Buck



statue of a female leaning backwards, holding on to her knees

Felipe Castañeda

Reclinada Chac

images of people drawn inside shapes

Jean Dubuffet


clouds in a dark sky, before a storm

John Fincher


abstract, mixed media on canvas, red, blue, white and black

Joseph Glasco

Unititled #7

two bronze statues

Barbara Hepworth

Two Figures

Paul Jenkins

Walking Meditation Mandala


several people walking on the street

Lester Johnson

Street Scene - People Walking #5


head of darkness

Louis Le Brocquy

Head at Darkness, Corofin


Hung Liu





steel sculpture

John Massee


Lee Mullican

In the Gass

appears two people are about to kiss, looks as though they have been moving quickly, another figure above female

Ed Paschke


collage of newspaper, magazine currents

Robert Rauschenberg

#71 Features from Currents


William Ronald


two people, female in front, painted with blue, male in background painted in red

David Salle



four birds surrounded by leaves

Hunt Slonem

Green Cissa

Leon Polk Smith

Constellation #7: 6 Ellipses

aquatint and etching in four colors

Terry Winters

Amplitude, 2000