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European Art

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European Art

The European collections span the 16th century through the 20th and encompass works of art from a variety of countries, including Flanders, France, Great Britain, and Italy. Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and other early modern styles are well represented.


still life picnic

Pierre Bonnard
Nature Morte à la théière

people bathing in water surrounded by forest

Paul Cezanne
Bathers (Les Baigneurs)

sketch, ballet dancer

Edgar Degas
Danseuse à la barre

van gogh, self portrait, muted, neutral colors with hint of green/blue, sitting in a chair

Vincent van Gogh
Portrait of Alexander Reid

nature morte, fruit

Armand Guillaumin
Nature Morte

landscape of Eragny

Camille Pissarro
Apple Trees in a Meadow at Eragny
(Pommiers dans la pré à Eragny)

landscape painting, view of a farm

Lucien Pissarro
The Farm Across the Valley

street in a town, people off in the distance

Henri Rousseau
Rue en Banlieue

blue vase, white flowers

Maurice Utrillo

road between trees, purples and blues used for tree leaves

Edouard Vuillard
Bouleaux à l'Etang-la-Ville

female, dressed in black, black hat, yellow and neutral background

Edouard Vuillard
Woman with Hat

2 couples eating dinner outside near a tree

Francis Wheatley
Harvest Dinner



beach, foggy day, painting

Eugène Boudin
Personnages sur la plage

nude female, cloth draped over her, next to perseus, painting

Hendrik De Clerck
Perseus and Andromeda

beach scene

Raoul Dufy
La Plage de Ste-Adresse

view of copenhagen

Paul Gauguin
Winter Day

Pamela Fry diamond

Duncan Grant
Pamela Fry Diamond

landscape of town Lavacourt

Claude Monet
La Berge à Lavacourt

nude female, backside, swans next to her, litho

Camille Pissarro
Nude with Swans

teal vase, carnations inside, neutral background, painting

Odilon Redon
Les Oeillets (Carnations)

female, neutral colors

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Jeune Femme dans les champs

coast scene, sailboats in the water, mountains in the background

Paul Signac
Coast Scene

portrait of a girl in side a frame

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Portrait of a Girl

female, dressed in blue, resting on red blanket, holding white bowl, neutral background

Edouard Vuillard
Femme en Bleu



nude study, drawing, three images

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
Nude Study of Arthur

animals in a river, next to a tree, mountain off to left

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Le Repos du vacher au pied des fraiches collines

horse being viewed by people, jockey on horse

Raoul Dufy

painting, Christ last supper

Luca Giordano
The Last Supper

female, Vaness Bell, sitting in a chair

Duncan Grant
Vanessa Bell

nude female backside, swans next to her in water, surrounded by forrest, color, paper

Camille Pissarro
Nude with Swans

teal vase, chrysanthemums inside, close up of the flowers, neutral background

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

painting, little girls face, several attempts at painting it

Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Coco (Claude)

adoration of a child with Raphael and Tobias

Unknown Ferrarese Master
Adoration of the Child with Raphael and Tobias

river scene, view of a town that lays across a river

Maurice de Vlaminck
River Scene

women sitting around a table in a living room

Edouard Vuillard
Madame Hessel