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Richard E. Mansfield Collection

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Richard E. Mansfield Collection

This collection was the generous donation of Dr. Richard E. Mansfield, a 1961 OU College of Medicine graduate. He was a practicing pathologist in Manitowoc, Wisconsin when he first contacted the FJJMA. He later relocated to Sedona and finally Phoenix, AZ on his retirement.

A generous philanthropist, he lent support to many museums, libraries, and artists with donations. As a child, Mansfield’s interest in Southwestern and Native American art began with a single trip to New Mexico, and that interest lasted a lifetime. His friendship and support of Native American artists and dealers further enriched his collection.



Marcus Amerman
White Face Bracelet


Barbara Gonzales
Ah - Wai - San (Male Spider)


Mirac Creepingbear
Kiowa in the Slick Hills


Norval Morrisseau
Storyteller of the Ages


Harry Fonseca
Smokin' Coyote


Fannie Nampeyo
Pot with "Migration Pattern" Design