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Synesthesia is a new immersive art experience by Factory Obscura, inspired by the color and textural elements of the permanent collection of the Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art. In particular, the Factory Obscura team is inspired by the prolific and exuberant work of Olinka Hrdy, an art student at the University of Oklahoma from 1923-1928. Synesthesia will ask participants to open their senses and explore what exists between the layers of a Hrdy painting, and what memories live in the spaces in between. What does lavender sound like? What does fuchsia smell like? Answers and exploration await you beginning June 2022 at the Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art, where admission is always FREE.


Synesthesia is organized by the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in coordination with Factory Obscura. This exhibition has been made possible in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Norman Arts Council. 

Image Credit
Olinka Hrdy (U.S., 1902-1987) Study for Tulsa Riverside Studio Murals: (from left to right) Symphony of the Arts, Modern American Music, Vocal Music, Piano Music, String Music, Orchestra Music, Primitive Music, Choral Music, Music of the Future; 1928-29; Watercolor, FJJMA, Gift of the artist, 1966.