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Past Exhibitions

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Past Exhibitions

Since the 1910s, the University of Oklahoma has been a repository for art. With the formation of the OU Museum of Art in 1936, and the addition of a permanent museum building in 1971, the university's ability to display permanent collections and temporary exhibitions has increased exponentially. Although the museum's research into past exhibitions is ongoing, please click the links on the left to further explore, by decade, exhibitions from the museum's past.

Exhibitions from 2020 to Present




Sept. 10, 2020-Mar. 7, 2021

Kiowa Agency: Stories of the Six
Oct. 1, 2020-Jan. 17, 2021

O. Gail Poole's Sideshow
January 24-August 9, 2020

Renegades: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture
January 24-April 5, 2020