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Photographs by Harry Callahan and Robert Frank

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Photographs by Harry Callahan and Robert Frank

September 9 – 30


The exhibition of sixty-six works comes direct from the Museum of Modern Art show organized earlier this year by Edward Steichen, Director of the Museum’s Department of Photography. Callahan’s work is based on street scenes and nature themes. He was formerly head of the Photography Department, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology; and is now Associate Professor of Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. Frank’s photographs were made in London, Wales, Peru, New York, Detroit, Las Vegas and Hoboken. Frank, who was born in Switzerland and came to America in 1947, has also made two films—“Pull My Daisy” and “The Sin of Jesus.”


Harry Callahan

  • Detroit, 1941, Grasses in water
  • Detroit, 1943, Grasses in snow—calligraphy
  • Detroit, 1945, Willow
  • Detroit, 1948, Queen Anne’s lace
  • Chicago, 1948, small nude in large black are
  • Chicago, 1948, trees in snow
  • Chicago, 1948, alley—multiple exposure
  • Chicago, 1948, window, nude at right
  • Chicago, 1949, LaSalle Street, Chicago—façade
  • Chicago, 1949, White façade, windows, fire escape
  • Chicago, 1949, dark façade, stained glass window
  • Lake Michigan, c. 1949, woman’s head emerging from water
  • Chicago, 1950, close-up—two women taking
  • Chicago, 1950, close-up—face at left, eyes downcast
  • Chicago, 1950, close-up—women’s faces, pears, fur
  • Chicago, 1951, Eleanor, Chicago-nude in bushes
  • Chicago, 1954, white pigeon above dark street
  • Chicago, 1955, double exposure of two women
  • Chicago, 1955, Circus
  • Chicago, 1956, Multiple of a tree
  • France, 1957, Wild trees
  • France, 1957, spider web; sprinkling of flowers
  • France, 1958, grasses, with star-like bushes
  • France, 1958, Weed
  • France, 1958, patch of light on grass, like burning bush
  • Chicago, 1959, Wabash Avenue
  • Michigan, 1959, Goldenrod in snow
  • Wisconsin, 1959, Rocks and grasses
  • Wisconsin, 1948, Reeds
  • Chicago, 1960, Woman in white; other figures; large Yale sign
  • Chicago, 1960, Buildings dark; Karoll’s Men’s Wear; Two women
  • Chicago, 1960, man with young girl, paths crossing, profiles
  • Chicago, 1961, Couple, man with glasses, girl smoking, back of man
  • Chicago, 1961, Heroic figure of girl, clock at 12:32
  • Chicago, 1961, Woman in suit, dark sunglasses, bare arms
  • Chicago, 1961, Heroic girl, carrying coat on right arm


Robert Frank

  • Peru, 1948, Group of men, long road
  • Peru, 1948, Indian, hand on shoulder
  • Tulipe Paris, 1950, In Black and White and Things Things 21
  • Ticker Tape New York, 1951, In Black and White and Things Black 7
  • London, 1952, Child and hearse
  • From “Welsh Miners” Series, 1952, Two men
  • Parade Valencia, 1952, In Black White and Things Black 1, Men with trumpets
  • New York, 1953, Mary; Table with bowl In The Family of Man
  • New York, 1953, Mary and Andrea, 1953
  • Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey, Two women in windows’ flag
  • City Fathers- Hoboken, Men on grand stand
  • New York City, Three youths, one covering face with hand
  • Trolley, New Orleans
  • Canal Street, New Orleans Crowd in street
  • Bar—Las Vegas, Nevada, Youth in front of gambling machine
  • St. Petersburg, Florida, Old people on benches
  • Newburgh, New York, Man on motorcycle
  • Beaufort, South Carolina, Colored woman on chair in field
  • Chinese cemetery—San Francisco, new grave; wreath; trees
  • Rodeo—New York City, Cowboy, leaning against trash can, lighting cigarette
  • Drug Store—Detroit, People eating at a counter
  • Drug Store—Detroit, Night scene; crowd, Parachute jump
  • Drug Store—Detroit, The Mauretania, 1958
  • Tennessee, 1959, Man in field
  • New York, 1960, Pablo and old man
  • Inauguration Day, 1961, Man and Flag
  • New York, 1961, Musical dolls in shop window; old man
  • New York, 1961, Willem de Kooning, 1961
  • Street line New York, 1951, In Black White and Things White 20
  • Charleston, South Carolina, Colored nurse; white baby