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Corcoran Biennial

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Corcoran Biennial

October 30 - November 18


This exhibition, circulated by the American Federation of Arts, is composed of 32 works of art selected from the 1963 Cocoran Biennial. Included in the 1963 Biennial exhibition were 118 works invited by the Corcoran Director, Herman Warner Williams Jr., and 27 paintings chosen by the Committee of Final Selection and Award, Ben Shahn, Conrad MarcaRelli and Gordon M. Smith. The exhibition represented many directions of contemporary American art with the formerly dominate abstract-expressionist style giving way in part to hard-edge geometric abstraction, softly-defined landscape, the influences of the New York “pop art” and the west coast figurative schools.

  • Josef Albers, Stele and Foliage
  • Joe Amarotico, The Pendulum II
  • Phyllis Berg-Pigorsch, Paleophyte
  • Harvey Breverman, Self-Portrait as a Bal-Korah
  • Harold Bruder, Lady on the Lawn
  • William Christopher, Fallen Rock Zone
  • Steve Durkee, November 25th
  • Philip Evergood, Abandoned Doll
  • Robert Gates, Beach Light
  • Robert Goodnough, Figure Group: Abduction
  • Cleve Gravy, Selene # 2
  • Leo Grucza, Incubus
  • Robert Harvey, Norah
  • Al Held, #1
  • John Kacre, Interstate
  • William Kienbusch, Sound of the Gong Buoy
  • Ida Kohlmeyer, Opposed
  • John Levee, July III
  • John Chapman Lewis, Triad
  • David Manzur, Untitled, 1962
  • Boris Margo, Pulsation of Light
  • Klye Morris, July 20, 1961
  • Jack Perlmutter, Forbidden Fruit
  • Rudolf Ray, Almora
  • Robert Richenburg, Hot Radiance
  • Alexander Russo, Burning Bush
  • Hilda Shapiro, From the Window
  • Hedda Sterne, Vertical-Horizontal No. 2 – 1962
  • George Tooker, Toilette
  • Jane Wilson, Between March and April
  • Manoucher Yektai, Tomato Plant
  • Jack Youngerman, Red Ripe