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Howard Dearstyne Color Photography

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Howard Dearstyne Color Photography

September 7 – September 28


Fifty photographs selected from the artist’s work of the last 25 years. Mr. Dearstyne studied at the Bauhaus in Dessau and Berlin. Since 1934 he has been active as an architect, author, editor, teacher, and photographer. He is associate professor of architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. The exhibition originated at the Art Institute of Chicago and has circulated to 20 museum and galleries in the United States.

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  • Derelict Ship. Nag’s Head
  • Sandpipers Mud Lark
  • Colored Pebbles on Sand
  • Oak Leaves on Drying Pavements
  • Drying Fish Nests, Island of Janizio, Parzcuaro Lake, Mexico
  • Shattered Laminated Glass
  • Oak and Sweet Gum Leaves, Williamsburg
  • Swamped Rowboats at Sunset
  • Helmeted Soldiers at Tobacco Festival in Richmond, Virginia
  • Sycamore Trees Against Lowering Sky
  • Broken Grass Stem Against Tar-Paper Wall
  • Brown Besses in Powder Magazine, Williamsurg
  • Reflection in Window of Richmond House
  • Couch Springs, Chicago
  • Pot Holes in North Carolina Streambed
  • Deck Hands on Mississippi River Steamboat
  • Fertilizer Bags in Mud Puddle
  • Ice-Clad Fence
  • Grass Clippings on Slate Sidewalk
  • Ancient Bottles, Chicago
  • Board Fence with Marks of Pit Saw, Williamsburg
  • Spatter Pattern (Mud Fleck’s on Auto Body)
  • Leaf Islands (Leaves on Concrete Sidewalk)
  • Ochre on Ochre (Detail of Road-Working Machine)
  • Oak Leaves and Fence Shadow on Snow
  • Read Lead (Shadow of Steel Girder of Steel Girder)
  • Ripples of Melting Edge of Frozen Lake
  • Abstraction on Concrete
  • Slide Streamers (Made by Boys Sliding on Ice)
  • Eighteenth-Century Grave Slab, Partially Covered by Melting Snow
  • Wet Stones on Beach, Milwaukee
  • Mud Cracks Sprinkled with Tree Seeds
  • Algae and Tree Reflection Sin Pool, Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • Paw Paw the Snow Foot (Compacted Dog Tracks in Snow)
  • Maple Keys and Grass Clippings on Pavement
  • Inky Undulations (Tree Images Reflected in Agitated Water)
  • Molten Street Scene (Williamsburg Buildings Reflecting in Hood of Black Auto)
  • Marine Fantasy (Rust marks and Reflections in Derelict Auto Body)
  • Pebble-Filled Cracks in Macadam Pavement, with Locust Leaves
  • Urban Apparition (Reflection of Sky and Skyscrapers in Puddle on New York City Street)
  • Concentrated Leaf Pattern
  • Flaming Copper
  • Hearts of God (Log Ends), Williamsburg
  • Carl Milles’ Foundation of Faith, Falls Church, Virginia
  • Shadow of the Third Wheel
  • Stacked Packages, Washington D.C.
  • Panzer Collage (Sheet Metal Wall of Junkyard)
  • Fence Composed of Discarded Sign Panels
  • Spring Water Bottles
  • Grass Stems Reflecting in Water