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Guggenheim Watercolor Loan Exhibition

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Guggenheim Watercolor Loan Exhibition

November 6 – 27


The second loan exhibition from the permanent collection of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City represents a variety of woks by famous European and American Artists. The loan consists of 25 watercolors by: William Baziotes, Marc Chagall, Lyonel Feiniger, Albert Gleizes, Adolph Klee, Fernad Leger, Franz Marc, Matta, Monholy-Nagy, Joseph Stella, John Tunnard and Jean Xceron.

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  • William Baziotes, Night Figure No., undated, mixed media
  • Marc Chagall, Quarrel, Paris, 1912, gouache and pencil
  • Marc Chagall, Remembrance, 1914, mixed media
  • Lyonel Feiniger, Barquentine in Tow, watercolor and ink
  • Lyonel Feiniger, Gelmeroda, 1927, watercolor and ink
  • Albert Gleizes, Study for Port, Barcelona, 1916, mixed media
  • Adolph Gottlieb, Sleek Mark, undated, tempera and pencil
  • Charles Howard, The Cage, 1938, tempera and watercolor
  • Vasily Kandinsky, No. 40, 1922, watercolor, ink and pencil
  • Vasily Kandinsky, Untitled, 1918, watercolor and ink
  • Vasily Kandinsky, Two Zigzags, 1925, watercolor and ink
  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Violet Clouds, 1924, watercolor and ink
  • Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Farm Couple, 1923, watercolor, crayon and pencil
  • Paul Klee, Inscription K. 7, 1926, watercolor and ink
  • Paul Klee, Runner at the Goal, 105, 1921, watercolor and gouache
  • Paul Klee, Singer of Comic Opera, 118, 1923, watercolor, ink, and conte crayon
  • Paul Klee, The Bavarian don Giovanni, undated, watercolor and ink
  • Fernand Leger, Mechanical Forms, 1919, watercolor and ink
  • Fernand Leger, Composition, 1926, tempera and ink
  • Franz Marc, Red Deer, 1913, gouache
  • Matta (Robert Matta Echaurren), Luminous Paint, 1940, mixed media
  • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Watercolor 2, 1946, gouache, ink, pencil
  • Joseph Stella, Study, 1913(?), watercolor and charcoal
  • John Tunnard, Harbinger, 1944, watercolor, gouache, and ink
  • Jean Xceron, Composition, No. 385, 1945, gouache