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Recent Woks by James Henkle and R. Wendell Tomberlin

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Recent Woks by James Henkle and R. Wendell Tomberlin

March 19 - April 8


Both artists are members of the School of art faculty at the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Henkle studied at the University of Nebraska and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He also served as an industrial designer with David Chapman Associated in Chicago. Henkle’s works have been awarded several prizes. He will exhibit sculpture, paintings and three-dimensional design.


Mr. Tomberlin received a BFA in Art Education at the University of Oklahoma, a graduate study scholarship at the Paris branch of the Parson’s School of Design and an M.F.A. at Cranbrook Academy of Art. His works have been included in many designer-craftsman exhibitions and are in public and private collections. Tomberlin’s exhibit will include gold and silver jewelry, metalwork, enamels and mosaics.


James L. Henkle


  • Summer Storm, oil
  • Spring Thaw, oil
  • Night Forms, oil
  • Regeneration, polymer tempera
  • Caver, polymer tempera
  • After Rain, polymer tempera
  • Festivity, polymer tempera
  • Still Life, polymer tempera
  • White Spring, polymer tempera
  • Magic Mountain, polymer tempera


  • Chimaera, steel and bronze (Collection, Spencer Norton, Norman, Okla.)
  • Apollo, brass
  • Three Warriors, copper
  • Interplay, stainless steel
  • Expansion, stainless stele
  • Ritual, stainless steel
  • Poised symbol, stainless steel
  • Parade, brass and bronze
  • Regrowth, brass and bronze
  • Monument to Flight, brass and bonze
  • Evil Image, steel
  • Bird, steel
  • Night Bird, steel (Collection, John O’Neil, Norman, Okla.)


  • Studies for Chimarea, ink


  • Small End Table, walnut and formica
  • Small Table, walnut and formica


R. Wendell Tomberlin


  • “Acrobat” Pendant and Chain, cast silver
  • Pendant with Ruby Zinc, silver
  • Ring with Ruby Zinc, silver
  • Pendant and Ear Pendants with Moss Agate, gold
  • Pendant and ear pendants with Adamite, cast silver
  • Ring with topaz, cast silver
  • Pendant and Ear Pendants with Chrysocolla, silver

Metal Work

  • Silver and Ebony Coffee Service
  • Silver Fruit Bowl
  • Silver Footed Bowl
  • Bronze Bowl
  • Bonze and Ebony Cigarette Box

Porcelain Enamels on Copper

  • Blue Crackle Bowl
  • Large Platter, “Birds”
  • Oval Blue Bowl on bronze stand
  • Round Plate, turquoise, black and white
  • Free Form Plate, gray, brown and white
  • Round Plate, mosaic pattern
  • Turquoise Bowl