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Two Oklahoma Craftsmen—Montee Hoke and Marge Humphrey

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Two Oklahoma Craftsmen—Montee Hoke and Marge Humphrey

December 6 – 27


Ceramics by Montee Hoke, art instructor at Del City High School, and jewelry by Marge Humphrey, art instructor at U.S. Grant High School, Oklahoma City. Both artists have gained state-wide recognition for their crafts.

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  • Pierced and textured silver pin or pendant
  • Formed and bent copper and wire earrings
  • Silber, wire and copper earrings
  • Pierced, sawed gilding metal, sterling cufflinks
  • Turquoise cabochon and sterling earrings
  • Square silver wire with turquoise cabochon bracelet
  • Oval turquoise cabochon bezel mounted silver ring
  • Textured and plain sterling silver pin
  • Sterling silver tie tack
  • Silver cross with twisted sterling wire
  • Freeform sterling silver pin
  • Sterling cat pin with enamel
  • Fused sterling tie tack
  • Cheese spreader and pickle fork with ebony handles
  • Sawed and raised silver fish pin
  • Half round silver wire ring with silver bead
  • Freeform silver and gold tie tack
  • Stealing earrings formed from disc
  • Formed silver and wire man’s ring
  • Pierced silver pendant and chain
  • Silver cufflinks with silver “shot”
  • Spider pin of silver with synthetic sapphire
  • Fused silver tie tack
  • Bent and formed silver earrings
  • Formed and bent silver pin with wire and beads
  • Sterling ring with tutilated quartz stone
  • Mobile, forged, sheet silver pendant
  • Spiral silver tie tack
  • Square sterling wire earrings
  • Bezel mounted turquoise and silver tie tack
  • Cast pewter bracelet
  • Silver dangle earrings
  • Man’s silver ring with stone
  • Silver pin with opal
  • Silver pendant with rings and beads
  • Freeform pin with silver “shot” and pears
  • Forged pendant with opal