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Ed Lancaster—Drawings and Prints

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Ed Lancaster—Drawings and Prints

November 9 – 30


Lancaster received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of Oklahoma in 1963. He taught art at Drake University and is on the faculty of the University of Illinois. The artist has won over ten awards in recent competitive exhibitions. His work in included in the Drawings USA national Touring Exhibition this year.

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  • Coiffure and a Basic Black, charcoal, ink
  • Sleeping Woman, conte’
  • Partridge in a Pear Tree, graphite
  • Consolation II, conte’
  • Charl and Creel, conte’
  • After Five, watercolor
  • Frank Parmam at Typewriter, charcoal
  • Consolation I, conte’
  • Gravestone, watercolor
  • Southwest Dwellings, watercolor
  • Southwest Recollections, watercolor
  • Red Things, watercolor
  • Woman at Table, watercolor
  • Older Model, charcoal
  • Ensemble with Moo-Moo, watercolor
  • Home Permanent, watercolor
  • It’s My Sheepskin Not Yours, ink, wash
  • Study for a Parman Poem, graphite
  • A Pretty Picture-Quartz Mountain, watercolor
  • Appalachian Honeymoon, watercolor
  • Bride, crayon
  • Out to Piddle, charcoal
  • Sketch Page, conte’
  • Bath, conte’
  • January Dance, ink, wash
  • Lot, watercolor
  • Wedding Day, watercolor
  • Rendevous with Flowers, watercolor
  • Annunciation, watercolor
  • Untitled Nude, charcoal