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Harriett Matthews and Stephen Wilson

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Harriett Matthews—Sculpture & Stephen Wilson—Paintings

May 1 – 14


Miss Matthews received her MFA degree in sculpture at the University of Georgia and is presently Visiting Instructor at the School of Art, University of Oklahoma. Mr. Wilson received his MFA degree at the University of Colorado and is presently instructor at the School of Art, University of Oklahoma.

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Harriett Matthews

  • Portrait No. 1, walnut
  • Cubicles, walnut
  • Kites, walnut and steel
  • Procession No. 3, walnut (relief)
  • Acrobats, walnut
  • Family Group No. 3, walnut
  • Somewhere, walnut
  • Monks in the Procession, walnut (relief)
  • The Line, walnut
  • Seated Figure Group, walnut
  • Balloon Man, walnut
  • Umbrella No. 2, walnut and steel
  • Stranded, walnut and steel

Stephen Wilson

  • Target, oil
  • Simmer, oil
  • New Nouveau, oil
  • Blue Moire, oil
  • Big Brass Band, oil
  • Three Way Tie, oil
  • Flying Home, oil
  • Chevron, oil
  • “Jam Tomorrow,” Said the White Queen to Alice, oil
  • Gateway, oil
  • Portico, oil
  • Citron, oil
  • Hello Doily, oil
  • Bridge, oil
  • Buckle Up, oil
  • Projections LXV, oil