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Dale McKinney and J. Jay McVicker—Recent Works

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Dale McKinney and J. Jay McVicker—Recent Works

January 7 – 28


Two native Oklahoma artists of national reputation exhibit recent sculptures and paintings. McVicker and McKinney have been teaching in the art department, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, since the mid 1940’s and have achieved recognition in the numerous awards and honors for works exhibited in leading museums throughout the United States. McVicker is head of the OSU Art Department and McKinney is Associate Professor of Art.



  • Sculpture II, 1961, bronze
  • Head of Woman, steel
  • Head, steel
  • Chinese Red, painted steel
  • Poet I, 1961, bronze
  • Poet II, 1961, bronze
  • Poet III, 1961, bronze
  • Totem I, 1961, bronze
  • Sculpture, 1961, bronze
  • Vertical Fenestration, steel
  • Triad, steel
  • Rooster, steel
  • Horizontal Thrust I, 1961
  • Horizontal Thrust II, 1961, steel
  • Woman, steel
  • Extrovert, bronze
  • Triangular I, bronze
  • Triangular II, bronze (Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacVicar, Stillwater)
  • Bull, steel (Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Wyatt, Stillwater)
  • Elevated Thrust, steel
  • Sheltered Bird, steel
  • Linear, Planar II, painted steel (Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Scott, Stillwater)
  • Pregnant Woman, steel
  • Sculpture, 1960, steel


McKinney Paintings

  • Radiant, casein on oil
  • Umbrella Parts, collage
  • Trove, oil (Collection of Mr. and Mrs. George Chamberlain, Stillwater)
  • Modular, oil, (Collection of Mr. and Mrs. George Berry, Stillwater)
  • August, collage and oil, (Collection of Maie Nygren, Stillwater)
  • Above, oil
  • Incision, oil
  • Atlantic, casein on oil (Collection of Oklahoma Art Center, Oklahoma City)
  • Passage, casein on oil
  • Ebb, casein on oil
  • Depository, casein on oil
  • Eclipse, casein on oil
  • Keepsake, casein on oil
  • Cosmo, casein on oil
  • Viewpoints, oil