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Oklahoma Art Teachers Invitational

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Oklahoma Art Teachers Invitational

March 6 – 31


An invited exhibition recognizing the creative contributions of artist-teachers in public and private schools throughout the state. High school art teachers from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Shawnee, Lawton and other cities are represented.

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Eldon W. Amers, Enid High School

Northwestern State College, BS; Colorado State College, Graduate Study

  • Canterbury, stitchery and appliqué, 1965
  • Two Roads, Oil, 1964
  • Look on the Fields, oil, 1964

Sarah Jane Brown, Duncan High School

Oklahoma College for Women, BFA; Southwestern, BA

  • Morning Mist, watercolor, 1965
  • Oklahoma Storm Could, watercolor, 1965
  • Lonesome, watercolor, 1965

Shirley Calkins, Norman High School

Central State, BA; University of Oklahoma, M. Ed.

  • Lesson of the Birds, Batik, 1965
  • The Search, oil, 1965
  • There were Three, oil, 1965

Belva Clement, University High School, Norman

University of Oklahoma, BFA, MA

  • Untitled, acrylic and collage
  • Untitled, collage

Margaret Dabney, Douglass High School, Oklahoma City

University of Kansas, MS

  • Ring, silver, 1966
  • Spoon, silver, 1966
  • Pendant and Pin, silver, 1966

Betty Daley, Casady School, Oklahoma City

University of Minnesota; University of Oklahoma; Oklahoma City University; Academia di Belle Arte, Rome

  • Interval, Tempera, 1965
  • Metamorphosis, mixed media, 1966
  • In Relationship, oil, 1966

Brunel DeBost Faris, Northwest Classen Sr. High School, Oklahoma City

University of Oklahoma, BFA, MFA

  • Blue Study, collage and polymer, 1965
  • Black, Brown and White, collage and polymer, 1965
  • Time Forms, collage, polymer and plastic, 1966

J. Jann Faught, Bishop McGuinness High School, Oklahoma City

University of Oklahoma, BFA

  • Green Composition, oil, 1964
  • Forest, oil, 1964
  • Birds, oil, 1963-64

Betty J. Fryrear, C.E. Donart High School, Stillwater

  • Aftermath, watercolor, 1963
  • The Whittler, polymer, 1966
  • Summer Landscape, oil, 1966

Mary Francis Hedrick, Northeast High School, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State University, BAE; Oklahoma City University

  • “His” Face, Polyart, 1966
  • Dark Ghetto, watercolor, 1965
  • Poppies, crayon print, 1965

Marge Humphrey, U.S. Grant High School, Oklahoma City

  • S/S Pin, Fire opal, 1965
  • S/S Ring, quartz stone, 1965
  • S/S Pendant, S/S Square Wire and fused segment, 1965

Sue M. Johnson, Edison Sr. High School, Tulsa

Texas Technological College, BA, MA; Art Students League, NYC

  • Night City, oil, 1965
  • Ghosts, watercolor, 1965
  • Helpers, collage, 1964

Morene Long, US Grant, Oklahoma City

University of Oklahoma, BFA

  • Landscape, polymer, 1966

William E. Malone, Shawnee High School

Oklahoma A&M, BA; Colombia University Teachers College, MA

  • Man in Red Hat, oil, 1965
  • Christ, oil, 1965
  • Riverside Drive, watercolor, 1950

Dorothy Mayes, Capitol Hill High School, Oklahoma City

University of Oklahoma, BFA; Colombia University, MA

  • Untitled, collage, 1966
  • Untitled
  • Untitled, string and wood, 1965

William McVay, Southeast High School, Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State University; Central State College

  • Freedom Rally, oil
  • The Owl, oil
  • Landscape, oil

Mark Nokes, Southeast High School, Oklahoma City

Central State College, BA; University of Oklahoma, MA

  • Lilac, oil
  • The Out Outdoors, oil
  • The Old Tree, S graffito

Robert Sieg, Carl Albert high School, Midwest City

Central State College, BA; Institute Allende, Graduate Study

  • A Man and his Life, wood and metal
  • Figure Abstraction, bronze
  • Falling Woman, bronze and wood

Opel Thorpe, Central High School, Tulsa

Oklahoma College for Women, BA; Colombia University, MA; University of Old Mexico; Texas State College for Women

  • Harlem, watercolor

Mildred Webb, Midwest City Sr. High School

Northeastern State, AB, Denver University, MA; University of Oklahoma; Central State; Graduate Study

  • Mourning Cranes, watercolor, 1963
  • Mother India, collage, 1966
  • Promise, collage, 1965