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Oklahoma Designer-Craftsmen

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Oklahoma Designer-Craftsmen

June 8 – June 30

The Museum sponsored this invitational exhibition in recognition of the productive members of the sate crafts organization affiliated with the American Craftsmen’s Council. Ceramics, metal design, weaving and other media are included.

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Jo Barton, Ponca City

  • Log Section, machine embroidery
  • Summer Seeds Blown, embroidery collage
  • Overprint, screen print with fabric collage
  • Winter Weaver, weaving and applied embroidery motifs
  • Consider the Lilies, embroidery collage

Rena Penn Brittan, Stillwater

  • Optical Acceptance, fabric collage

Jerry D. Bryan, Lawrence, Kansas

  • Bowl, stoneware
  • Bottle, stoneware
  • Jar, stoneware
  • Bottle, stoneware
  • Planter, stoneware

Marjorie Buffum, Tulsa

  • Too Many Walls, fabric collage with stitchery
  • Woven Wall Hanging with Pods, linen with pods and bark
  • Archaic Pot, enamel on copper
  • Underwater, enamel on copper
  • Small Dish, enamel on copper

Roger Corsaw, Norman

  • Celadon Bottle, stoneware
  • Paddled Mishima Bottle, stoneware
  • Brown Covered Jar, stoneware
  • Green Bottle, stoneware

Ron duBois, Stillwater

  • Planter, stoneware
  • Bowl, stoneware
  • Decanter, stoneware
  • Vase, stoneware
  • Vase Form, stoneware

Clara S. Dumas, Norman

  • Circular Rug, wool
  • Rug, wool
  • Space Divider, yarn and plastic
  • Pillow, wool
  • Hanging, jute and metal

Virginia Haas, Tulsa

  • Pillow, hooked wool and macramé
  • Hanging, hooked wool and macramé
  • Hanging, wool macramé with copper
  • Poncho, wool
  • Poncho, wool

Coy Howard, Stillwater

  • Ring, gold with jade
  • Ring, gold
  • Ring, sterling silver
  • Ring, sterling silver

Kay Howard, Stillwater

  • Dress, batikked voile
  • Jump Suit, batikked china silk
  • Wallhanging, batikked sheet cotton
  • Wallhanging, batikked china silk
  • Wallhanging, batikked homespun

Neva Humphreys, Tulsa

  • Ash Tray, enamel
  • Round Bowl, enamel
  • Plaque, enamel and teek
  • Free Form Bowl, enamel
  • Bowl, enamel

Hilda Kinzer, Norman

  • Folded Rim Bowl, stoneware
  • Forest Shadows, stoneware
  • Ash Glazed Bowl, stoneware
  • Frog Vase, stoneware
  • Hanging Planter, stoneware

Madelyn Krall, Tulsa

  • Band Ring, laminated silver
  • Ring, cast and carved silver
  • Sun Storm, cast silver
  • Labyrinth, cast silver with gold spot
  • Intersection, silver

Loyal laPlante, Tulsa

  • Ring, gold and jade
  • Ring, cast gold with jade
  • New Directions, silver
  • Evolved Involvement, silver

E. Marti, Oklahoma City

  • Weaving, wool
  • Black & Blue, wool weaving
  • Ginger, silk weaving
  • Pink, Orange, Gold #2, wool weaving
  • Blue, Green, & Olive, wool weaving

Donna Matles, Tulsa

  • Pendant
  • Cufflinks
  • Ring

Carol M. Thurston, Stillwater

  • Vase, stoneware
  • Cream & Sugar Set, stoneware
  • Hanging Lamp, earthenware
  • Necklace, stoneware