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On Music

April 7 – May 5

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  • Alexandra Alaupovic, Stero-Conic, aluminum and Bakelite
  • Joe Atteberry, Cody Chimes, fabric with brass
  • Bob Barker, Electronic Sound, P.H. intaglio
  • Arthur Benson, Maybe a Palm Leaf Gatherer, serigraph
  • Roger Corsaw, Ceramic Bells, stoneware
  • Gene Dillehay, Chamber Symphony for Eleven Players (Four Movements for Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Harpsichord, Celesta, Tympani and String Quartet) oil
  • Betty Dirham, Aretha Baby!, mixed media
  • Frank Draper, Calliope Caper, mixed media
  • Ron DuBois, Rite of Spring, stoneware
  • Lincoln Eddy, Untitled, pencil
  • Elinor Evans, Arctic Song, tapestry
  • Brunel Faris, A Portrait Study of Jean de Reszke, acrylic and collage on oil cloth
  • John Hadley, Stones, oil
  • Joe F. Hobbs, Fat C Over Middle E, wood, formica and auto enamel
  • Alexandre Hogue, Impendance, polymer
  • Emond Kanwischer, Contrapuntal, forged steel and brass
  • Dee J. Lafon, Improvisation In See, polymer and plastic
  • Dale McKinney, Gothic Tower Ringing, welded brass
  • J. Jay McVicker, Warm/Cool Encounter, polymer collage
  • John O’Neil, Arco, pastel and acrylic on paper
  • John Randolph, Orchestra, acrylic polymer
  • Robert Sieg, Ode To Isaiah 24:8 The Joy of the Harp Ceaseth (crucifixion series) wood, fiberglass and metal
  • BJ Smith, The Waltz, polymer collage
  • William Harold Smith, One Thousand And One Nights, acrylic
  • Chuck Tomlins, Light Structure #4, wood, plastic and light
  • Roger L. White, Eddie The Drummer, acrylic
  • James Henkle, Wall Polyphony, birch