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Selection of from the Permanent Collection

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Selection of from the Permanent Collection

April 13 – May 8


The sixteen paintings selected from the permanent collection of the Museum of Art represent some of the most distinguished contemporary artists of the twentieth century.


Many of the major currents of modern art of the past half-century which have affected American art are reflected in these works—Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Social-Realism, Precisionism, Neo-Romanticism, and Abstract Expressionism.


The exhibition is scheduled as part of the program of the 10th meeting of the Southwestern College of Art Conference on the University of Oklahoma campus.


  • William Baziotes, Flower Head, oil, 1945
  • Ralston Crawford, Wing Fabrication, oil, 1946
  • Stuart Davis, Waterfront, oil, 1935
  • Adolph Gottlieb, The Couple, oil, 1946
  • Robert Gwathmey, Workers on the Land, oil, 1946
  • Carl Holty, Wolff Fork, oil, no date (Gift of Miss Gloria Vanderbilt, New York City)
  • Edward Hopper, House, Provincetown, watercolor, no date
  • Charles Howard, The Medusa, oil, 1945
  • Jack Levine, White House, oil, 1946
  • Loren MacIver, Blue Dunes, oil, no date
  • Raul Milian, Composition, ink, no date (Gift of Mr. Joseph Cantor, Carmel, Indiana)
  • George L.K. Morris, New England Church, oil, no date
  • Georgia O’Keefe, Cos Cob, oil, 1926
  • Abraham Rattner, Yellow Table, oil, 1945
  • Ben Shahn, Renascence, tempera, 1946
  • Max Weber, Two Vases, oil, 1945