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Twelfth Tri-College Exhibition

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Twelfth Tri-College Exhibition

January 7 – 31


Thirty-three art professors from three major universities in Oklahoma—OU, OSU, and TU—contributed 40 recent works in all media to the current annual. Included are works by several new art faculty members at each institution.

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University of Oklahoma

  • Emilio Amero, Linda, pencil
  • Joe Atteberry
    • Treasure Box, Pewter and Geode
    • Pin, Silver
    • Ring Box, peter and stone
  • Eugene Bavinger, Hermaphoroditus, polyurethane rigid foam
  • Roger Corsaw
    • Blue Bottle, stoneware
    • Gray-Green Bottle, stoneware
  • John R. Hadley, Hard Rock Candy, oil
  • James L. Henkle, Counter, walnut
  • Joe F. Hobbs, Table Top Type # 2, laminated wood
  • Mernet Larsen, Interior, oil
  • John Lewandowski, Consciousness Delighting as Stripes Series, prepared canvas
  • Sam Olkinetzky, TO C.W. Slate and Polymer
  • John O’Neil, In Memory of Darkness, tempera
  • William Harold Smith, Totem No. 6, ceramic sculpture
  • Joseph R. Taylor
    • Torso, terracotta
    • Figure, terracotta
  • Jack Vallee, Weeds, watercolor


University of Tulsa

  • Harry Broadd, Etude 1966, polymer collage
  • J. Woody Cochran, Political Collage, collage
  • Alexandre Hogue, Ess or Eight, oil
  • Caroline Gibson, Linda, bronze
  • Tom Manhart, Wall Hanging, wool and raku beads
  • Bradley E. Place, MYTH, polymer collage
  • George Standingbear, Bathers, polymer and gouache
  • Chuck Tomlins, Light Structure #1, plastic, wood and light


Oklahoma State University- Stillwater

  • J. Arthur Benson, The Light Also Rises, concrete and glass
  • Richard A. Bilvins, Nine Symbolic Suggestions, hyplar and watercolor
  • Dean P. Bloodgood, Landscape, oil
  • Nick Bormann, Untitled, acrylic
  • Rena Penn Brittan, Space Symphony, fabric collage
  • Ron Dubois
    • Construction, stoneware
    • Construction, stoneware
    • Bowl, stoneware
  • Richard M. Jordan, Resurrection of Christ, oil
  • Dale McKinney, Untitled, oil
  • J. Jay McVicker, Drawing #3, 1966, ink
  • B.J. Smith, The Waltz, polymer and collage
  • Lloyd Tugwell, Autumn, oil and collage