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Charles T. Williams—Sculpture

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Charles T. Williams—Sculpture

October 11 – 27


One of the southwest’s leading sculptors, Charles Williams, has won many awards for his sculpture in regional and national exhibitions. His work is represented in the collections of the Forth Worth Art Center, the Denver Art Museum and the Nelson Gallery in Kansas City, as well as many private collections. The artist, who resides in Fort Worth, Texas, works in a variety of sculpture materials such as wood, stone and welded and cast metals.

  • Thunderform, 1962, Cast iron Construction (welded) on stone base
  • Ironcestrors II, 1962, two cast iron figures (found objects) on cast iron and stone base
  • First Mate, 1963, Assemblage of driftwood on stone base.
  • Shore Leave, 1963, Assemblage of driftwood on stone base.
  • Chinese Hilton, 1963, Cast bronze, welded on bronze stone base.
  • Boiled Owl, 1963, Cast iron found object.
  • Anthony & Cleopatra, 1963, Cast steel found objects on stone base.
  • The Pass, 1962, Copper found object on wood base.
  • The Robe, 1961, Sheet iron found object on stone base.
  • Wenches, 1963, Steel found objects.
  • Ferobusts, 1962, Cast iron on steel base.
  • Fragment II, Brass found object.
  • Wall Sculpture, Steel and brass on wood found object.
  • Group of Ten Famous Personages, 1960-1963, Found objects cast iron.
  • It Only Hurts When I Smile, 1963, Lost wax bronze.
  • Mother & Daughter, 1963, Cast bronze (beach sandals).
  • Personae, 1963, Lost wax process.
  • Head, 1963, Stone and cast bronze.
  • Mother Superior, 1958, Vermont marble.
  • Summer Shrine, 1961, Welded sheet copper.
  • Encounter, 1962, Welded sheet copper figures.
  • Landlubbers, 1963, Found objects. Bronze on marble base.
  • Martyr, 1963, Lost was bronze head on black slate base.
  • The Hook, 1963, Steel found object on marble base.
  • Experimental Casting, 1963, Bronze screen on marble base.
  • Cabbages and Kings, Lost wax bronze.