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Joseph Glasco

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New Work: Joseph Glasco

Jan. 23-Feb. 25, 1990


Joseph Glasco has always defied easy categorization. In an interview of 1983 he stated, "I've just never been prone to joining any school. I dislike dogma." His close friend Julian Schnabel describes Glasco as among those artists who, "cannot always fit their schedules to suit other's expectations." Dorothy Miller, in the introduction to the landmark 15 Americans catalogue, declined to place Glasco in any fixed group. And yet over the past four decades, Glasco had proved to be a painter whose career demonstrates a synthesis of many of the issues faced by artists of this century. His paintings reflect a vital response to international currents and at the same time maintain a freshness of vision which is purely personal and individual.

-Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue


Image Credits
Joseph Glasco (U.S., 1925-1996)
Untitled #7, 1989
Mixed media on canvas
Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
Fred Jones Memorial Fund Purchase, 1990