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Resources for Faculty

FJJMA strives to support the faculty and students of the University of Oklahoma by embracing academic exploration and interdisciplinary study. 

Artworks in the museum's permanent collections forge connections that transcend subject-specific criteria and strengthen your curricular goals in the creation of memorable experiences for diverse types of learners. To take advantage of these useful resources listed below, please contact the Director of Learning + Engagement, Amanda Boehm-Garcia through email or by phone at (405) 325-3270.

Plan Your Visit

Unitl further notice, guided tours of the museum have been suspended. Instructors are still welcome to bring self-led groups or to send students to the museum independently for assignments. Please visit the tour request page by clicking the button below for information on scheduling your group. 

Create a Specialized Tour

Would you like to create a specialized tour for your class that you could lead yourself but aren't sure where to start? Contact the Learning + Engagement office to start planning a self-guided tour using our collections. Past tours have been created with professors from several diverse colleges including business, psychology, geography, anthropology, architecture, and dance. Specialized self-guided tours must be scheduled at least one month in advance. 

Special Requests

Are there works or collections no on view that you would like to include in a museum visit for your class or individual research? At FJJMA, we work with you to bring these selected works out of the vault and on view for your perusal. Three weeks notices is required and class size is limited to ten students. 

Go Behind the Scenes

Do you have a group of students who would benefit from a behind the scenes tour of the museum? Virtual visits can be arranged through Zoom to meet with staff members representing several museum departments. Behind the scenes virtual tours are particularly useful for students studying art history, anthropology, and museum studies, but is not limited to these subjects. 

Artist and Collection Files

The Learning + Engagement Department maintains files on nearly every artist represented in the museum, in addition to collection-specific records in the museum library. These resources are available through appointment only.