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A Letter to America

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A Letter to America


Price: paperback - $9.95 or hardcover - $14.95

A Letter to America is a powerful wake-up call to Americans. It boldly faces the question of how long the United States, with only 6 percent of the world's population, can remain a global superpower.

In A Letter to America, University of Oklahoma president David Boren explains with unsparing clarity why the country is at a crossroads and why decisive action is urgently needed. He draws on his experiences as the longest-serving chairman of the U.S. Senate's Select Committee on Intelligence and as a state governor and leader of a major public university.

America is in trouble because its people are losing faith in the country's future. We have grown cynical of our political system and dubious of its ability to effect meaningful change. What the country needs, Boren asserts, are major reforms to restore the ability of our political system to act responsibly. We have shared values, and we should use them to replace cynicism with hope and the determination to build a better future.

Bipartisan cooperation on behalf of the national interests needs to replace destructive partisanship. We must fashion a post-Cold War foreign policy that fits twenty-first-century realities–including multiple contending superpowers. We must adopt campaign finance reform that curbs the influence of special interests and restores political power to the voters. We must stop the destruction of the middle class.

Boren also describes how we can renew our emphasis on quality primary and secondary education, revitalize our spirit of community, and promote volunteerism. He urges the teaching of more American history and government, for without educated citizens our system cannot function and our rights will not be preserved. Unless we understand how we became great, we will not remain great.

The plan Boren puts forward is ambitious and hopeful. It challenges Americans to look into the future, decide what we want to be and where we want to go, and then implement the policies we need to take us there.



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