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Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind

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Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind

No longer available for purchase.

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Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind explores the legacy of architect Bruce Goff (1904-1982), one of the most experimental and innovative architects of the 20th century. A proponent of organic architecture, Goff envisioned fantastic structures inspired by the natural world. This catalogue, published in conjunction with the 2010 exhibition at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and the Price Tower Art Center, surveys Goff’s career as an architect, interior designer, and artist with a special focus on twelve buildings that were demolished or never realized. The catalogue includes an examination of those buildings that were recreated for the exhibition by Skyline Ink Animation Studios as animations and three-dimensional renderings. Through extensive research of surviving blueprints, construction documents, and renderings, the animations offered a virtual experience of Goff’s works and were displayed on a large structure known as the “Pod,” created by the University of Oklahoma School of Architecture. The catalogue includes new insights on Goff and his work with essays by Joe D. Price, Brian Eyerman, Hans E. Butzer, Sidney K. Robinson, Kay L. Johnson, Scott W. Perkins, and Mark A. White.

Scott W. Perkins is the Director of Preservation, Fallingwater at Western Pennsylvania Conservancy.

$24.00, paper ISBN: 978-0-971718-76-0  (needs sticker)

115 pages, 12 x 9

48 color illustrations, 18 B&W




This catalog is no longer available for purchase. Please click here to shop online for other catalogs, or contact Jin Garton at or (405) 325-5017